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Hard Goodbyes: My Father (2002)

Impressing with its ability to portray the inner world of its young protagonist, Hard Goodbyes: My Father delivers a poignant cinematic experience.

Das Goldene Ding (1972)

Das Goldene Ding is a 1972 made for TV film, released in West Germany, which follows in much detail the Greek myth of Jason. It's the retelling of the legend made popular by Jason and the Argonauts, using a new and unique approach to filmmaking and storytelling for its time. A "must see" for fans of the coming of age genre.

Top 5 Coming of Age Films for Girls

If you’re a girl who is interested in coming of age films read this post to find out the Top 5 films that will give you the information you need regarding growing up, and taking on new challenges.

C’est pas moi, je le jure! (It’s Not Me, I Swear!)

"It's bad to lie, but it's worse to lie badly." C'est pas moi, je le jure! is a charming Coming-of-Age film from Canada which will...

The Cistern

Feeling like an experienced movie viewer ? Are you able to understand even the more twisted plots and  the director`s ideas ? If you...

The Greenhouse effect

I knew about the Greenhouse effect for a while.  It has been recommended for me several times .  I thought that the film`s will...


I wanted to see Uranya ever since a friend of mine told me how good it was after seeing it at a movie festival....