I wanted to see Uranya ever since a friend of mine told me how good it was after seeing it at a movie festival. He called it a pleasant surprise and highly recommended it. I wanted him to review its for my blog since the film was obviously coming of age flick – he never get to it. So instead – you are going to get yet another review from me – yeaaay ! ( :

Uranya is a comedy from Greece. I say comedy because the film has a lot of humor and comics scenes in it – but in general is rather hard to determine. The film has few elements of political satire , drama and surrealism – but of course what I loved it for is its coming of age value.  Those of you who hear for it for a first time may think that is looks like a Greek version of Malena. But in reality is a whole a lot different .

Achilles (Aris Tsapis) and his four friends live in a small village by the sea.  As most boys they are interested in girls , women …and being a teenagers with raging hormones they are looking for a way to release the tension crated by their new-found sexuality. Besides doing the things boys do as teens – they made a pact and start saving money to spent on a local prostitute . Achilles , dreams of becoming a pilot or an astronaut and after finding out of the Apollo landing  on the moon and tries to convince his friends to use their savings to buy a TV so they can watch it. As he states ” The whole world is going to see it life , only we won`t because there is not a single TV set in our village “

Uranya is a very well directed movie. I was truly impressed in the way by which the characters were introduced – as their uniqueness was shown by small hints throughout the movie.  For example they all rode  bikes ( similar to the one I had at 12 ) – which had accessories reflecting their influences and interests .  In another scene – surreal and animated – the boys are seen like a small lilliputs exploring a women`s body .


The entire cast permormed quite well. An interesting thing I noticed was that the boys in the film were casted in a way such as to their group could resembled the boys from the well known coming of age flick  Stand By Me – of course  this made the Uranya even more appealing film to watch.

The camerawork and the overall cinematography in Uranya are quite innovative . I definitely loved the soundtrack – catchy Greek music that just gets into your bones and you feel ready for a Sirtaki dance . The overall atmosphere in the film is a bit nostalgic – or it was for a me as I was able to remember a lot of my childhood experiences  while watching the adventures of Achilles and his friends .

If you are up to see an engaging , funny , well made film – Uranya will make your screen time worthy .


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  1. Another one for my list. I read the whole review now. Because the pictures where so appealing and it really caught my attention.


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