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Zindy, the Swamp Boy (1973)

When a cruel landlord kills the boy`s parents, his grandfather, afraid for the life of his infant grandson, takes the boy to live in a jungle home.

Coming of age books for boys

This article is reprint from the original article published at a wiki blog called "Book Lust-A Community for People Who Love Books with Nancy Pearl". Because the original article is no longer available online, we decided to reprint it for the benefit of all people who are fond of coming of age stories and literature.

Top 5 Coming of Age Films for Girls

If you’re a girl who is interested in coming of age films read this post to find out the Top 5 films that will give you the information you need regarding growing up, and taking on new challenges.

Al otro lado (2004)

Fans of coming of age movies won`t be disappointed - neither the one who expect well made drama. Yet I expected a bit more...

Temporada de patos /Duck Season

I saw this movie last night. It was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen - weird in a good way. The...

Sin Destino

When I watched this movie few days ago I had to admit that it is one of the most original ways to address a...