Fans of coming of age movies won`t be disappointed – neither the one who expect well made drama. Yet I expected a bit more from a film I have heard a lot of. Al otro lado combines three stores in one film but I have seen more successful usage of that formula .  It is not that I did not like the movie – or felt for the stories told it it – just felt that it could have done better.

Al otro lado  offers a new view to a rather familiar phenomenon these days – the immigration. On that issue my view is pretty liberal as I believe that the world today is more global and the immigrants are never part of the economical problems but its solution.  In fact I would recommend this film for those of you who have a more conservative opinion on the immigration – hoping that seeing it will prove beneficial for you.

In the film we follow the experiences of 2 boys and a girl from different parts of the world whose fathers have left their countries in search of work or better opportunities . We are exposed to the impact a decision like that may have on a child and the  family as a whole .  The coming of age theme in here lies in the realizations that the three protagonists make about the word around them and about Al otro lado ( the other side ).

The movie cast is well selected. Almost immediately I recognized of of the actors in the film Adrian Alsono – who I have seen in the masterpiece Innocent Voices . This time his role was more central to the story ( 1/3rd of it was devoted to him more or less ) . Again he acted very well successfully conveying his emotions to the viewers – which is one of the most important tasks for every actor.  He has an official web site and YouTube channel so if you like his acting feel free to explore them.

Another familiar actor is Jorge Milo who you may remember from Deep Silence or more likely from  Viva Cuba .

Al otro lado has its sentimental moments – and they were all acted well trough which brought some tears in my eyes . Another notable thing is its soundtrack – a lot of guitars in it and after En Tu Ausencia I feel that I developed some kind of affiliated to guitars .

Final words – not the best movie out there , but worth seeing never the less. Feel free to share your own impressions on it or the subjects it touches via comments .