Twelve and Holding (2005)

“12 and holding” is another great movie directed by Michael Cuesta, who recently became my favourite movie director. If you are looking for a fine Coming out of Age story – the chances are that you will find it all in “12 and holding”. It is a simple story – without any special effects or famous actors playing – but the way the story is shown will make you remember what you’ve seen. One could say that the movie was disturbing – as it showed things most people would never want to happen to them or their kids – at the same time, everything seems too real. One couldn’t miss the exceptional performance of the young Conor Donovan who plays two roles – and does it so well that I have to admit that I haven’t noticed that the same actor plays both boys.

The soundtrack is compelling – especially the melancholic music in some scenes. The theme song from it is called “Reckless burning,” and Jesse Sykes performs it – most of the other songs from the soundtrack are performed by Elysian Fields. I did not notice any flaws and felt quite related to the actors. I think that all viewers would sense something similar to what they felt when they were growing up – that sense of anger, desire for revenge …or the will to protect your relatives and friends.


Despite what some other reviewers wrote – I did not find the movie tough to watch – yes, it deals with violence, even death, but it does it in quite a unique way—12 and holding an independent movie that conveys powerful messages.

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