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The Boy Who Walked Backwards (1994)

In The Boy Who Walked Backwards, the poignant acting of the young Holger Thaarup as Andreas -- combined with the intriguing musical score of Nikolaj Egelunds, the skilled camera angles and the excellent editing -- result in a wonderfully told story which I don't hesitate to recommend to viewers of all ages.

Displaced (2010)

In 2010, Rick Stevenson directed Displaced, a moving short drama about a young boy who is having troubles adjusting to the foster homes he is being sent to.

The Von (2007)

The Von, directed by John Mavety, participated in the Tropfest competition and won a Young Talent Award for the performance of its lead, Jacob Bicknell.

P.E.Z. (2004)

The film dealt with the ongoing discussion about video games and the influence they have on the minds of their young players. The film can be described as coming of age gone wrong, as the viewer observes how various factors such as music, games, isolation and bullying influence and shape the character of the main protagonist.

Swim Zack Swim (2002)

Swim Zack Swim is a 26-minute short film written, produced and directed by Sterling Johnston. Zack Thompson wants to be like his best friend, Christoper, who is an excellent swimmer and so learns to swim competively. The story of the film is simple, yet fun to watch.


Emmet is a forty-eight minute long Canadian film that tells the story of a friendship and of life changing choices.

Child’s Play (1980)

Child's Play or An American Short Story is a short film released in the United States in 1980. The atmosphere of the film can easily be compared with some of the earliest adaptations of the books of Stephen King while, at the same time, the story is told in a manner not much different than one would expect to find in the tales of Hans Christian Anderson.


Cregan is a British short film released in 2007. Filmed in the UK and Ireland, it stars Ciaran Flynn and is directed by Stephen North.

Sting (2007)

Sting (also known as Stikk ) is a short coming of age film from Norway. Written and directed by Vigdis Nielsen the film focuses on bullying. The film reveals the nature of the events that occur in the schoolyard which, while not reflected by the official records, are part of the daily life at most high schools.