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Introducing Singer/Songwriter Henno William

Henno William is a young, South African singer/songwriter with the ability to make a huge impression on the world music scene soon.

Georgi Dolgolenko (Gregory): Moscow’s Magic Voice

Georgi Dolgolenko is a young singing sensation from Moscow who is destined to very rapidly become known and appreciated worldwide.

On Drums: Michel Drummer

An 11-year-old boy from Hawaii with a natural talent to pick up intricate beats and pound out steady rock music.

Treasure Island The Musical

The Russian production of Treasure Island is by the Circus and Theater Company "Aquamarine" and is wowing audiences in Moscow. 

Charlie Green: A New Start

At the age of 11a new smooth voice has emerged pulsing with a young man’s steady, new-lived virtuosity.

Sam Santiago: Charismatic, Captivating and Confident California Vocalist!

Sam Santiago is an amazingly prolific singer/performer from California who celebrated his10th birthday this past August and who has just recorded his first CD.

AJ Silva: The Journey to Success

It's been a very busy time at ajsilmusic. Catch up on the latest about 13-yr-old singer/musican/dancer AJ Silva.