The Kiddush Man (2008)

The Kiddush Man

The Kiddush Man is a touching Coming-of-Age short film set in Jerusalem, Israel. Its surprisingly simple story focuses on the experiences of Yoni  – a young Jewish boy – who tries to sneak into the “Kiddush” buffet at Shabbat before anyone else. His mischievous behavior usually gets him in trouble with Mr. Katz — an older religious man —  until one day his fear is replaced with compassion…

The film brilliantly demonstrates the importance of the musical score as it features a tender musical accompaniment composed by Greg Pliska that makes the viewer relate to the story on a subconscious level despite the lack of dialogue.  Raum-Aron’s performance in role of Yoni feels genuine, which contributes greatly to the emotional closing scene of movie. The Kiddush Man radiates calmness and tenderness – thanks to the skillful directing of Yitz Brilliant. While the movie features motifs from the Jewish culture, one doesn’t have to be Jewish to understand its message.

Watch The Kiddush Man (2008) below :

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