Theis and Nico (1999)

When you are six – things are simple. You like a girl, you kiss her (or kick her – as some do). Yet, with the passing of time everything gets a bit more complicated. At nine – if you fall in love, boy aren’t you in for an adventure …

If you don’t believe me, check out the 1999 Danish short film Theis and Nico (original title: Bror, min bror) in which two boys, Theis (Aksel Leth) and his younger brother Nico (Maurice Blinkenberg-Thrane), discover the wonderful world of girls, love and kisses after a poster of the classical love drama Gone With The Wind piques their curiosity.

Scene from Theis and Nico
Scene from Theis and Nico

When the brothers meet the beautiful Giinjha (played by Tess Thorsen),  a girl who invites them to her birthday party, they get a chance to put theories into practice. But will they have the guts to do so?

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Directed by Henrik Ruben Genz, the Danish short doesn’t offer a complicated narrative – yet the several plot twists, adorable young actors and cute, authentic dialogues result in an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Aimed at young audiences, Theis and Nico is a funny and heartwarming film that be equally enjoyed by viewers of all ages. And who knows? Maybe the viewer might learn some tips on kissing: “use your tongue, your lips must be wet” and that a kiss can be a perfect substitute for a birthday gift (especially if you are nine).


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