10minutes Just opened my RSS reader and stumbled on a post about the short movie 10 Minutes. My opinion is that the movie was quite well filmed – showing how much can 10 minutes be for someone and how less of a time for another. I would like to get your feedback on this film – do you think it deserves its high rating at IMDB ( 8.4/10) ?

Similar film : Savrseni Krug


  1. Thanks for commenting on the short film and for following the blog Zaphod. I must say that I got a bit confused by the two plots in the film – but when I watch it again I got the idea of contrast in people lives . Recently I have been discovering a lot of great short films – and if I see that such as well accepted at the blog – they would find their way in here.



  2. Well, it certainly DID show the contrast between what a 10-minute period can mean to two different people…

    I thought the first segment, with the photographer, was a bit contrived, with several of the characters ‘looking like they were acting,’ but the segment with Memo was nothing short of gripping, with spot-on acting by all.

    Yes, I feel it deserves an 8.4


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