4th Annual Coming-of-Age Movie Awards Recipients Named

5th annual coming of age movie awards


The Coming-of-Age Movie Awards recognize excellence in eight categories, for films in that genre released during 2011.

The categories are: Best Actor, Best Newcomer, Best Performance in a TV Film, Best Cinematography, Coming-of-Age Value, Special Soundtrack, Best Short Film and Best International Film.

More than three thousand people from across the globe participated in the voting process at TheSkyKid.com – a site focusing on young talent in music and the performing arts and in adolescent development.

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Best Actor

Best Actor Award Dakota Goyo

This year’s winner of The Best Actor category is Dakota Avery Goyo for his role as Max Kenton in the American science fiction film Real Steel.  His talent and ability to steal every scene in which he was featured in the movie won the hearts of the audience and he received more than percent of all votes.

Best Newcomer

Best Newcomer Joel Courtney

The Best Newcomer award goes to Joel Courtney. He appeared for the first time in a lead role in a major motion picture – the American science fiction thriller film Super 8 — which was written and directed by J. J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.  Joel’s resourceful acting and natural expressions won him the unconditional support and appreciation of thousands of fans from across the globe.  He received over seventy percent of all votes in the Best Newcomer’s category.

Best Performance in a TV film

Best Performance TV film  Jude Wright

The competition in the Best Performance in a TV film category was very tight.  Nine-year-old British actor Jude Wright, who plays the son of a middle aged man who accidentally manages to land a job as a MI5 agent in the Sky One sitcom Spy, is the real star of the series. He manages to be both funny and annoying and delivers his role as a real young professional.

Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography Super 8

The Best Cinematography award was won by J.J. Abrams’s film Super 8. Its modern-day vintage atmosphere, dynamic composition, markedly fresh approach to camera movements and creative interactive lighting, resulted in an amazing piece of cinema, which worthily received the award for 2011.


Coming of Age Value

Coming of age value award  Real Steel

The father-son plot of the American science fiction action film Real Steel touched the hearts of many people.  It’s a story of relationships, suffering, thrills, and the struggle to hold on to your dreams without losing the most meaningful things in your life.

Special Soundtrack

Special Soundtrack Super 8

Michael Giacchino`s score of the science fiction thriller Super 8 won the Special Soundtrack award in the 4th edition of the Coming of Age Movie Awards.

Best Short Film 

Best Short Film The Man in The Red Suit

Kevin Callies’s short film The Man in the Red Suit – a heartwarming and beautifully filmed Christmas-themed tale of magic and youthful imagination —  won the first place in the Best Short Film Category for 2011. The film shines with the incredible performance of its young cast – especially the brothers Elijah and Michael Nelson — and Callie’s skillful directing.  The Man in the Red Suit managed to fit the essence of an important Coming-of-Age experience into just a few minutes of screen time.

Best International Film

Best International Film Tomboy

For a second consecutive year, a French-language film wins the award in the Best International Film category. Céline Sciamma’s Tomboy received a lot of recognition in film festivals across the globe. Its story focuses on first love, gender identity and the Coming-of-Age experiences of a young girl who decides that she would be more popular if she pretends to be a boy among her new friends.


Voting was very close in most categories, and we would like to be the first to congratulate our winners and Honorable Mentions, as well as extend our thanks to all the nominees and voters for helping make this celebration of the Coming-of-Age genre in cinema such a success.

For more information on the Coming-of-Age Movie Awards, please visit: www.theskykid.com/coming-of-age-movie-awards/