Barnens O

I did not quite get Barnens O – it is one of the weirdest ones I have watched. The soundtrack was quite unusual as well – written and performed by Jean Michel Jarre – it makes the movie weirder than it was.

I have to admit that I was almost going to change it and watch another one instead –at times, the movie seemed plain dumb to me, or boring – or confusing. There are quite a few sexual references in that movie – though they, too, are kind of messed up.

The only phrase that I will remember out of it will probably be “When you are alone, you can control things “– and “I will show them “- or something like that.The boy (Tomas Fryk) in that movie was obsessed with the idea of not growing up – “the last summer as a child, “he thought once – and he sure lived it to the max.

Swedish movies tend to be a bit weird – and I have seen more quite a few of them – but at the same time, watching them is just a different experience, I guess. Barens 0 is one of the most popular Swedish movies ( judging from the google trends). Simultaneously, the movie can be classified as a coming of age movie and as it truly shows the development – both physical and mental of the young actor. So if you have few hours to spare you can watch this movie

– but you won`t miss much if you don`t.

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Barens O

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  1. Tomas Fryk, portraying the 11 year old Reine, had to carry this movie as he appeared in almost every scene. I feel he did an outstanding job with a very unusual story and script.

    He must have been very courageous to bare his penis close up twice. First, in a flaccid state when he was examining himself to see if he had any hairs. Then later, when he had an erection after seeing a naked woman sleeping, and seemed sad as it signified he was growing up which he was not looking forward to.

    In many ways I felt I was watching an avant-garde movie, almost surreal at times. The relationships that Reine developed did not appear to be commonplace for boys of his age. From that perspective it diluted it's relevance to real life situations. However, the fears he portrayed about growing up is absolutely relevant to many boys.

    Unlike some other reviewers, I enjoyed watching this coming of age story unfold and would recommend you put it in your must watch list.

  2. I remeber that i watched this movie first when i was aroung 10-12 years(Renies age) and at that time i didnt think it was weird in the same way you do. I recently watched this movie again about a year ago and i have to say that compared to movies that are made today it might be a bit odd even if its not surprising.

    Most childrens programme's on tv, movies and so on were made in a similar or ever more weirder way so us who grew up with these kinds of programmes and movies in the 80's and 90's might have gotten used to these kinds of movies/programmes.

    My personal oppinion about this movie is that i quite like it, mostly because i could relate with Reine on certain topics when i watched the movie for the first time but also because it feels nostalgic…

  3. Granted it was very symbolic and to the point of just simply strange at times. It was a dysfunctional family on the onset with undertones of mother’s boyfriends abuse. He had an obsession with pubic hair thinking it made you into a mad adult.

    It was interesting to see the way the writer captured the world through the uneducated eyes of a child. But a “Must see” it is not.


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