Blöde Mütze! (2007)

Blöde Mütze! (2007)I just finished watching the German film Blode Mutze. I had been trying to find this movie for a while as I am a big fan of this particular genre. I found it yesterday and I finally got to see it today.

‘Until he moved to the small town of Bellbach, 12-year-old Martin’s life seemed to be okay, but then suddenly he is confronted with a unexpected reality: his first love and Oliver’s fist. Pretty complicated! But Martin fights for what he believes in: for Silke and against Oliver, and finally for the friendship of both.’

It is a fantastic coming of age film, and one that depicts such truth and actuality in its themes that it would be hard for someone not to get attached to the plot and the events of the characters. Our main protagonist, Martain, was a great little character, and one that I believe represents everyone at that stage in our lives. He is presented with obstacles and conflict arises for him throughout the film. We see how he tries to overcome, not only his problems, but those of the people around him as well. I thought this was beautifully depicted by the director and the way his character development and relationships flowed was also great to watch. I found there was some symbolism in this film, as well as representations of the emotions or the themes of the characters, which added nicely to the story.

This brings me to the actual plot. It was a simple story told in a profound and engaging manner, which made you easily connect with the characters on an emotional level.

The acting was superb. Johann Hillmann as Martain, Konrad Baumann as Oliver and Lea Eisleb as Silke were all fantastic as the three main characters. They literally made it seem like you were watching their young lives unfolding —  as if you were actually a part of it. They were all very impressive.

On the technical side, all the locations were simple, but very nice. Some great technique in the use of the camera and the editing was also noticeable in some scenes, when contrasting the lifestyle differences of Martain and Oliver, which I found very interesting. The musical score was all fine as well, and fit nicely with the mood of the film.

Overall, one of the sweetest coming of age films I’ve seen and one that I think we all could relate to in one way or another. Yet again, another fantastic film that has come out of Europe. They truly are quality filmmakers over there.

Rating: 8.5/10



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The review of Blöde Mütze is a guest contribution of PhoenixEast

A student filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. Currently writing a short coming-of-age script aiming for production in late 2013.


  1. Thanks for your review :)

    It was very well written and i must say that i really did enjoy the movie myself. I watched it back in 2008 (i think) and has seen it at least twice more since then.

    The movie itself was simple but very good mixed with a bit of humour and a bit of drama.

    I hope to read more of your reviews in the future :)

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