Brendan MacFarlane – “Tennessee’s Best Kept Secret”

Tennessee’s Best Kept Secret
May Live In Perthshire Scotland

( check out the review of Brendan`s first albumThe Road )

Studio, George, Brendan, DonnyAmong the wonderful sounds of life in Perthshire, Scotland you may not expect to hear the sounds of the Grand Ole Opry. But it appears that God and nature has blessed them with just that.

Young Brendan MacFarlane is as country as Tennessee itself. And although you may have to listen carefully when he speaks in that Scottish brogue honoring his heritage, when he sings he is American Country all the way.

Inspired by the sounds of Johnny Cash, Brendan was hooked at an early age, which is something this writer can understand. My father used to hang with Cash, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and Minnie Pearl when he was very young. So this music was a mainstay in my home. It talks to your soul. Brendan felt that calling and answered it the way God would have you use a great gift that he has given to you. And he wasn’t gonna wait until he was older to do it. And what a gift he has.

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Establishing a presence on YouTube the early part of 2008, he stunned the network with his renditionof Ray Charles’s “I’ve Got A Woman” that now has over 350,000 unique views. The sounds and those blue eyes stole many hearts right off the bat.

Brendan was gracious enough to answer some questions for in an interview.
We’d like to share parts that discussion with you.



You’re 12 years old now. You have a really great voice. You’ve been singing for a long time now right? How old were you when you started to sing?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I was two when I started to sing.
Hank Williams ‘I’m So Lonesome I could Cry’ was the song that started me off.

Do you remember the first time you sang with a microphone? What was it like?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I was four years old the first time I sang with a microphone.  I really enjoyed it.

I love singing in front of a big audience.

What does it feel like when you are on stage singing?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

It’s hard to describe, but as I said before, I love it.

What year are you in, in school right now?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I’m in first year of high school.  It’s the same as your eighth grade.

Do you sing in school too?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

Not at this school.  I sang in primary school talent competitions a couple of times.

What do your friends think about the kind of music you’ve chosen to sing? I mean America country, is that popular in Perthshire?


Branden MacFarlane avatar

They think it’s great and they have started to listen to it. Country music is big in Scotland.

Johnny Cash’s family are from Falkland, about 20 minutes drive from me.

Country music is steeped in Scottish influences.

What is it about Country music that you like?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

It’s honest music.  I like the stories behind the songs.

I see that you also like to sing Gospel. God is a pretty big part of your life, then, is that right?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I love singing gospel because it makes me feel good.   I’m a Christian.

Well personally I thank God for gifting the world with your wonderful voice.Do you like any other types of music?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I like all genres of music, as long as you can sing along to it.

Do you sing in the Gaelic language of your homeland?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

There are a lot of beautiful Gaelic songs, but I don’t sing in Gaelic.

It’s a dying language, which is really sad.  I’ll maybe try it in the future.

So you are coming to America. Are you excited about that?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

I can’t wait to get back to America.

I was in New York and Nashville in August for meetings with people.

I love New York, there’s always something happening.  And I love Nashville because of the music

– the home of country music.

Branden MacFarlane Studio

What do you want to see the most when you got to America?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

The inside of a recording studio. lol.  I look forward to seeing the friends I met in August.

Now let’s talk about your new song, “Money Won’t”. Who wrote it?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

‘Money Won’t’ was written by myself with the help of Bizzy and my dad.

We have great fun working together on songs.

Well I have had the great privilege to listen to it and it is really something.Tell us what that song means to you.

The song, to me, is that there are a lot more things in life that are more important than money.

Other people read other things into it, which is great.

Your Dad is pretty musical and you are writing songs together I understand. Can you tell us about the album you are putting together? And when will it be out?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

The album is going to be released early next year, if all goes well.

It is a roots/gospel/country crossover with a lot of our own influences added.

And what part does Bizzy play?The information says that you are writing the songs for the new album with your dad and Bizzy and Donny.We see that your Dad plays guitar and banjo.

Donny plays mandolin and guitar.Does Bizzy write lyrics, music or play an instrument or just jump up and down waving a rubber chicken to keep you smiling when you are singing or what?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

Bizzy write lyrics, fantastic lyrics.  He also does backing vocals.  He does keep us smiling when the going gets tough.

Now this one is important, so pay attention.When you get over to America and start meeting all these great countryfans, they are going to hear that Scottish accent and see those beautiful blue eyes and I suspect the girls are going to be asking if there is a girlfriend at home.Do you want to tell ’em or just keep ’em guessing?

Branden MacFarlane avatar

Just keep ’em guessing.  Not got enough time for girls – just now.

Brendan’s beginnings had a rough start, but all the obstacles have since been removed and he is free to become all that he can be.

Brandon MacFarlane

Bring it on Brendan! America and the world are waiting for you.



Brendan`s first single Money Won’t is available to download from iTunes, eMusic, amazon, nokia music store, napster, 7digital, Deezer and we7.





  1. I just found this GEM on You Tube… I certainly will be following his career and I am sure it will be a long career. Brendan I have watched about 5 of your videos today and will be watching more, You have a wonderful voice and YES your Blue Eyes are beautiful. I hope to someday get to meet you. Will you have a schedule on your website when you will be singing in the USA? I live about 8 hours from Nashville…will travel to hear you if that can happen. God Bless You!

  2. Brendan’s voice is truly a gift from God and we are privileged to hear him sing. I look forward to hearing more from him as he continues on this amazing journey. I hope he gets a chance to tour the states soon. The song Money Wont is very well written and his voice gives the words the justice it deserves.

  3. I don’t usually listen to a lot of country–mostly crossover country as I have ecclectic musical taste. About a year ago, my brother sent a link of the Money Won’t video and I listen to that now and then. I was excited to see Brendan’s album is now out on iTunes which I just purchased. I’ve been listening to it for hours and it just keeps sounding better each time–it’s like he can reach into one’s heart with his voice and soulful way with music.

  4. I was so excited to find your music on you tube a few days ago. I ordered your cd and can’t wait for it to arrive! How it it sent? UPS? USPS? I keep telling everyone about you and your amazing talent. I live just outside Nashville and would love it if you were to come here and perform. Any thoughts on that??? Good Luck on your career!

  5. We’d like to know what you’re doing now………the website has not been updated. God bless you, hope you are still singing!

  6. Greetings from Tennessee! I found your music yesterday when my wife said come here and listen to this! Praise the Lord! Never stop doing what you love to do. And hey, I was born on Sept 25th too!

  7. Since this interview,and more so as to the time brendan made these recordings,brendans voice has more tone and range.This young lad is going to amaze you all over again with his new songs,sound,and is hair is longer to now!

  8. Actually he's one of my favorite kid singer of the moment, especially because he sings the kind of music I almost like the most. I was very sad to see his videos were removed on Youtube but I hope that a CD will come up soon. =)

  9. Hi.. I love Brendan's music, I have never heard anything like it before. Juse wondering if anyone to let me know where I could find his CD? If he has one out?? Thanks

  10. Brendan is with out a dought a great country singer his voice fits country to the ” T ” . I listen to him regular he is among my many favorites. I truly believe he will fulfill his dream.

  11. Hello akdance and thanks for commenting . I don`t know anything about the clip of Dead Flowers , but what I know is that he recently recorded some new studio clips …so soon we will have news about him.

  12. hey skykid i appreciate the heads up. I too am a big fan of Brendan's. I was just wondering if you new where i could find the video of him singing dead flowers? I can find everything else except for that one…that one seems to amaze me…well i guess all of them do..hehe..

    have a good day!

  13. I feel the same way you did David . My opinion is that the clips of Brendan at YouTube only helped his image and their removal was a rather an odd decision of his new management .I guess / hope that I will be proved wrong on that. In anycase his clips are all around – not just on YouTube as many fans saved a local copy for their colelctons and have uploaded it elsewhere.

  14. I couldn't understand why Brendan's You Tube videos were removed. I really enjoyed his video called “I'm going home” – I'm sad to see that his videos are no longer in You Tube. But I'm happy to hear that he's coming back. Brendan's gospel singing is a blessing to watch and listen to.

  15. I am thankful I found this site as I was worried something awfull may have happened to this fantastic singer. I have foolowed Brendan for some time now and I'm overjoyed that he may soon get the recognition his talent so richly deserves. Brendan you are the best,and may everything you have ever dreamed about come to you.

  16. For anyone who may wonder why the you tube site of Brendan is not working at the moment – rest assure .Big things are in the making – the new album …etc. So I have officially conformed with his management that people would have something to look forward to …

  17. Awesome post, as always bestpi. I too, have been following this young man for quite sime time, and it has always been worth it. I anxiously await his album.

  18. Thanks Skykid. It is always a privilege to write for your online magazine/blogg. It is helping young talent find and achieve their dreams that makes the world a better place. It keep us young and warms the heart. Your online magazine is the premier definitive showcase on the subject. I'm proud to be able to contribute to it.


  19. Thanks for those flowers Mauvaisgarcon. It is easy to write when you have great talent to write about and you are so right, Brendan has a familiar stage presence that makes you feel like family right from the stage. I can't wait for his return to the states so I can go and see his performance live. I hope to be able to do a more in depth interview then as well.

  20. I have been found of Brendan`s voice ever since Bestpi showed me a clip of his singing back in 2008. Back then I wrote a short post about Brendan (… ) showcasing his version of Ray Charles’s I got A Woman . At the time was really hard to obtain much more information about him and his singing other then the one available at YouTube. Then a year later I noticed that his popularity began to rise (… ). his name began appearing frequently in the search strings got people to my introductory article about him. Soon I was in contact with his contact , his dad and finally his manager – hoping that an article about Brendan can be done …and more and more people will have the chance to learn about that talented boy and his singing. The producer Styphen Ryder also help in the press and at the end I asked the person who first told me about Brendan ( Bespi ) to do the article. He did an excellent job both with the article and the interview and I am glad that you guys seems to be appreciating that leaving great comments to this article. Brendan deserve all the popularity and fame he can get for his devotion to music and I am glad that is one of the medias which will help him on his way…

  21. Brendan's talent goes WAY beyond just “Country & Western” music. He sings jazz, rock, blues, ballads and soul with equal power and verve. I've seen him perform those varied genres live and he never fails to delight and astonish the audience. He's a quiet, thoughtful kid, with a great relatonship with his dad. He's humble and unaffected, funny, and fun and easy to be with. He has perfect pitch and an innate musicality that puberty will not affect. GREAT interview, John – and terrific writing!

  22. I just have to say that I am blown away by the talent and sincerety of Brendan. I love the music and can't wait to hear more from him. He is truly, truly talented and blessed.

  23. Thanks for the comments, I am sure this little guy will leave a lasting impression on the country world. His heart and his passion are in his voice and people will see his genuine country demeanor. He can't help but be a success.

  24. I had heard the name, Brendan MacFarlane, but was not familiar with his music. This interview was, therefore, very enlightening for me. I especially liked the videos as it exposed me to Brendan's wonderful voice and God given talent as a singer.


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