Cat Killer (2010)

matagatosBeing a part of the gang…belonging — the ultimate childhood goal that has inspired myriad adventures. Yet often, just as with friendship, one has to earn it — often by participating in bizarre tests of courage with potentially catastrophic results (such as jumping from high rocks and swimming across a pond, sometimes even by kids who can barely hold themselves afloat, as was part of my own tribulations once).

“A plank, a clothespin, a rubber and a nail…The Cat Killer is ready!”

The two young protagonists of the story in Cat Killer (Matagatos) have just created a homemade shooting device …and are ready to test its accuracy …with an unlikely target.

Ready to fire...
Ready to fire…

The short film, by the Spanish director José Luis Montesinos, is titled after a homemade gun that boys in Spain and Argentina played with in the 80s. The smartly written short opens with an intertitle that reads “In the 80s, more than 1000 kids lost an eye while playing with a homemade gun”, which immediately forms expectations in the mind of the viewer, as to how the storyline of the film will turn out.

Pegatinas personalizadas, pegatinas troqueladas, pegatinas para parachoques - Sticker Mule

Thanks to skillful directing, a great musical score and an abundance of well-arranged close-ups, suspense and tension arise in the viewer, creating a sense of unease.

It’s a well-shot, and well-acted and directed 4-minute short film, proof that even a simple idea (or perhaps nostalgic memory for some) can be turned into a captivating movie by a talented filmmaker.

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cat-killer-2010Two young protagonists create a homemade shooting device …and are ready to test its accuracy …with an unlikely target.


  1. Obvious echoes of “I, Killer” here, though this one rings far more true.

    Excellent film, though it made my toes curl. It’s everything you said it is. Thanks for the recommendation.


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