Coming of age films – boy`s or girl`s thing

Coming of age filmsYesterday I was given a link to an article in Newser titled Gals Need Great Coming-of-Age Flick, Too .   It dealt with the matter that while there is an abundance of coming of age movies with boys – the one with girls in the main role are pretty scare . I have noted that myself – but being a boy I have never really felt the need to see what girls are going trough while they are growing as it would be a bit hard to relate their experiences with my own. In fact a better illustration of this phenomen is to be find in another article titled Where’s Our Stand By Me?” published in Jezebel .  A short quote from it :

“The relationships shared between the boys seem so real, so true. You forget that you’re watching young actors; you feel as if you really get to know what it’s like to be an adolescent boy. Yet there isn’t really an equivalent for girls”

Is there a good coming of age movie that focuses on girls – at least half as good as the classic Stand by me, will you be interested to see it or read its review ? is open to new challenges – don`t be surprised if we find , watch and review some great coming of age titles with a female lead – you can only help us find them.

Have you ever wondered why there are not that many coming of age films with girls ?

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