Duma (2005)

Duma film review

Duma film review

Duma (2005)


Duma reminded me of one of my favourite books “Rules of the Bone ‘. It is a movie about a friendship between a boy living in South Africa and a cheetah named Duma. At first, the storyline may seem a bit simple, but you will notice all the serious issues Duma deals with. Alexander Michaeletos play the young Xan’s role – he has a charming English accent, which made me seek some more information about him. I found out that he is living on a farm in South Africa like the character he plays so well in the movie – real you can almost sense his feelings and fears. Duma is also a fine example of a coming out of age movie – I would like to quote some of the dialogue:

Change, yeah. That’s what happens—all the time.

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The little boy who left home is not the little boy with me now, eh?

See? Change.

Duma is a movie you would enjoy watching with your younger friends and relatives – they will like it and learn many things from it.

The cinematography is brilliants –you will enjoy the beautiful nature scenes or the animal scenes – I almost felt like I was watching a documentary about animals at times – so believable were those scenes.


  1. Wow, this is 2007. I thought It was older, well I found this movie at a flea market long time
    ago, like 2005, I went with my mother and she was looking for some old stuff.

    And there I was looking around and there's this guy selling movies. It looked weird because he had one box and he was hiding from everyone or from no one, who knows.

    So I start lookind and suddenly I find a movie called Millions (by Danny Boyle) and I was going crazy because I wanted to see that one badly and I never could find the movie, so the seller tells me you can get another one for free and pulls out, “Duma” And I was like who cares I want to watch Millions.

    I went back home watched Million and I think I did a review since I was so excited.

    Like a week later I thought about the other movie. “Duma” there I was in the couch not thinking of anything just starting to see the movie since I didn't had anything to do.. And BANG… I felt so touch by this boy that has his own cheetah and is living a dream life in South Africa, no noisy neighbours, no need for cars, just a cool farm, wild animals and his family. Maybe some people will think “what's cool with that?” well I think is cool, because I'm a city boy.

    The history of Xan and Duma is not the same as any other stories of a Boy and dog. No way, this is not a dog this is a cheetah a very wild animal and Xan needs to train Duma for real life, while doing this he'll learn also about different aspects about life, death and survival.

    I won't mind watching this again.



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