End of the spear ( 2005)

Chase Ellison – just that name is enough for you to know that the movie you will watch will be a good one. And he is not the only star that shines amongst the actors in that production – Chad Allen, who plays the role of a missioner (Chase plays his son), acts amazingly, and I truly enjoyed the father- son relationship they portrayed at the begging scenes. Here is a quote from the movie illustrating that relationship:

Nate Saint: Do you know how far away the sun is?

Young Steve Saint: 93 million miles.

Nate Saint: Do you know that that’s just a fraction of how much I love you?

The cinematography of the movie is really nice – there are many beautiful nature scenes, most of which are very vivid. Most scenes have powerful messages hidden in the – messages about love, forgiveness and complete dedication.

Chase Ellison Official Web Site

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