Entrusted coverEntrusted is a great movie made for TV which plot revolves over the eleven years old Thomas von Gall ( played by talented young actor Thomas Sangster ) . Chess master at that tender age and being a very intelligent boy Thomas is trained in survival tactics and entrusted by his mater with the access codes to bank accounts in Switzerland . The money from those account are being used to help people to escape the murders and humiliations of the Nazis .

The Nazis want the money – but there is no way of getting them without knowing the proper authorization codes. After years of chasing Thomas`s mother – they began working with her former teacher – who remembers that she was pregnant when he last saw him and that the only way to get to her will be through her child. One day Thomas gets kidnapped from the Nazis and spend a lot of time with the professor of his mother , who tries to look into the boys mind and soul. Thomas alone, is left to fight the battle that will ensure the safety of thousands of people…

This movie have a brilliant photography and the scenes are really nicely arranged – sometimes even too nicely for the plot – but they make the movie more appealing – with a bit of sacrifice on the reality factor. Still it does remain fine coming and age movie and if you can find it ( I have heard that in Walmart it is available for about $ 5 ) – watch it – you will enjoy it.

This film is also known as Daddy and Im Visier Des Bösen.

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  1. This version of Entrusted is a shortened theaterical cut of the 3-hour TV mini-series. If you get a chance see the entire mini series do so.


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