Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland

Before even starting my review I think that it would be fair to let you know that I not only a fan of the movie and book about Peter Pan , but believe to have what it is called Peter Pan Syndrome myself. Now when that is settled I can say that I enjoyed Finding Neverland a lot. For those of you who haven’t heart of the movie it tells the story of the writer of the play Peter Pan J.M.Barrie and the family which inspired him to create his masterpiece . The actors did really god job in recreating this story which is inspired by real events. And then again no wonder – since in the role of J.M Barry is Johnny Depp and Peter is played by the remarkable young actor Freddie Highmore.

It was a pleasure to watch how the writer of Peter Pan spends his time playing with the boys who inspired him to write the play.He has to deal with the disapproval of the society – including the one of his life and the boy`s grand mother played by Radha Mitchell. It amazes me how stereotypes continue to live through the ages – stereotypes which aim to kill the imagination in every boy forcing him to grown up and become a serious respected member of the society – same like the rest grown ups surrounding him. Thankfully there are people who resist to that – those people try and often succeed to preserve the child in them during their whole life. I would like to believe that I am one of them.

finding-neverlandThere is one moment from the movie in which a friend of J.M Barry told him the following about the opinion of the people for his friendship with the boys :

“People watch you and their will look for ways to drag you down”

Sadly from my own experience I can confirm the validity of this statement. In the same scene the writer answered :

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“You found a glamor of happiness in this world and always there is someone to destroy it”

Indeed those two quotes made impressed me with their truthfulness. Sadly I am not yet aware of a way to deal with such situation. If you do not pay attention to such people – neither should they do – but then its like someone can not stand other people happiness.

Finding neverland

While watching the movie once over again I thought how truthful  is the phrase  that every time a child says he or she does not believe in fairies, one more fairy dies. This seems to be the case with a lot of kids these days – they are so well informed , surf the net and all – that the games of Cowboys and Indians are often forgotten  replaced with computer games.  Just few month ago a friend of mine gave a pack of plastic soldiers to a 10 year`s old boy  – and the boy was quite surprised by this present. Why because he is now on MySpace, Facebook , plays Contra Strike and the plastic soldiers can not capture his imagination as they did with mine once.

But back to the movie -drama and comedy at the same time it is suitable for all ages. If you let it – it would touch you heart with the innocence of dreams , true friendship and sincerity .



  1. Funny thing is that I had a discussion with my mother about that – referring to the movie I enjoy as she wanted to emphasize that it is time that I learn how to take more responsibility in life. Indeed I have managed to keep the boyish spirit in myself – or so I would like to believe – but at the same time I am managing well at school and at work soon hopefully. Therefore I can`t say that I am liking childish – but much like J.M.Barrie – I would live to keep the magic alive in me. I think most people are able to do that – but there are also an exception – especially those days boy in hurry to became man, girls in hurry to become women. This is going to happen anyway – noone can avoid it. Finding Neverland addresses many of the issues I wrote about in my comment…that`s why I think that everyone who has a chance to see it should do that.

  2. I had never before heard about the “Peter Pan-syndrome”, and therefore found this post rather fascinating, especially after I had time to really read it through properly and also watch the trailer to the movie “Finding Neverland”. The “Peter Pan-syndrome” seems to be a kind of resistance to the grown up world with all its demands, seriousness and its lack of open mindedness and fantasy that characterizes childhood and young people in general. This post highlights in the quotations, among other things, the prejudices of society to grown ups that still want to be a part of that time, and never really grow up. And what society won´t understand it seldom accepts. I´m not sure if I myself have the “Peter Pan-syndrome”, I don´t think so at least. However, I often feel less grown up than some of my friends and colleagues; so deep inside my mind perhaps I´m also longing for a battle with Captain Hook!


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