Germany’s Next big Super Star!


tomhanselecguitarThis past September we spent some time in Australia followed up with just a short flight across the ocean to New Zealand. This month we travel to Dortmund Germany where we find one of the best young voices that Dortmund has ever birthed.

Thomas Hans, a young man who will turn 14 on December 2nd, sings and performs like he was twice that age and has already captured an audience of thousands.

When I first heard Thomas sing I was amazed at his vocal quality. There are many treble singers, but only a few who can capture the essence of a song like Thomas. He immediately catches the attention of the older set due to his unique interest in music that is more than four decades his senior. Listen to Thomas as he belts out “ONLY YOU” or his rendition of “Unchained Melodies” below or visit his You-Tube Channel or his Web Site for some of the other songs that he truly makes his own.

Although Thomas is just in his early teens he is no rookie to singing. He began his singing career at ten years old after being discovered by his music teacher in primary school, where he sang as a soloist in the Dortmund choir. The choir used Classical Music in their repertoire which is most likely how Thomas came to love this type of music. He told us that he enjoys many types of music, but especially enjoys Classical, classic rock, pop, and ballads.

DSCN4305Thomas has performed in many singing contests. In September of 2008 he performed in the semi finals at the Kiddy Contest in Vienna. This past February he was invited to perform as the only boy from Duetschprachigen Europe with 5 girls in a Disney Channel Competition for the title song of Hannah Montana’s Best of Both Worlds. In April he competed in “Germany’s Next Show Stars” followed up by his June appearance in Germany’s DAS SUPER TALENT where he made it to the 3rd round finals. This past summer he performed at the Talent Show in Oberhausen and in Düsseldorf.

Thomas enjoys a variety of foods but Italian and Chinese are his favorites. He lists his favorite drinks as Spetzi water and malts. Thomas loves to swim and really enjoys zombieball. Bruce Almighty and The Pink Panther are his favorite movies and names Mel Brooks, Leslie Nelson and Charlie Sheen as his favorite Actors. Television shows he enjoys are: Two and half men, Futurama and the Simpsons.

supertalentThomas feels most comfortable in his leather jacket and jeans but will dress in a suite if the occasion calls for it. School subjects he most likes are English, Music & Sports. Thomas can speak Russian, French, Spanish, Latin and English as well as his native German tongue.

This is one amazing young man who you will want to follow both on his You-Tube Site and his own  Site. Be sure you return to learn more about Thomas as I will update you as he forwards more information to me about his most recent activities, concerts, gigs, and appearances.

Thomas! We are truly a fan and will be watching in anticipation for your next video release, song, or competition. Without a doubt, you are a fresh young performer that has already proven to have what it takes to be Germany’s next BIG STAR!


The article above is a guest contribution by Rivenmaster. He has an amazing blog described as:

Rivenmaster’s Place is the home to Young Treble singers, aspiring actors, and talented youth.


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    I got your messages about Brandon Walters – but have been busy with an exam and the preparation of another review , etc – and I still have not gotten to answering my messages. Sorry for the delay. You can count on me for any help you ay require for your future website – and yes Rivenmaster is right – I always enjoy meeting people passionate about the things I am passionate about. As a side note you may be interested to read the ” about me ” page on this blog and in particluar the section of it which is devoted to guest authors…

  2. Thanks sky kid but site is not as good as i would hope to be in the future i find a lot of people and information about people searching. i watch alot of the same type movies you talk about am familiar with a lot young actors it is just something about the younger people how they can capture you. i hope to build a bigger web site in the near future. i would like to keep some people in view to try and keep them from being forgotten like so many. i sent you a question on Brandon Walters dont know if you got it……….rivenmaster told me about you glad to see other people with the same interest..thanks

  3. Hello Tommy ,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for the enormous contribution you made to this blog by actively participating – stating your views on the articles in here. I am definitely going to check out your YouTube account as I am aways in search for new sources of inspiration.

  4. I just read the artical on Tom . He truly is an amazing young man. I ran across him on Rivenmaster`s site and you just can`t stop listening to him I have enjoyed his music very much. One of my favorites from him is The Climb he is the first boy I have heard sing it and it is wonderful to listen to. I resently became friends with Rivenmaster and so greatful to find a person like myself seaching young talent and trying to help them along and help others to not be forgot like so many. And now that I have found this Skykid I will be back here often.. Now I know I am not alone . I am not as far along with things as you two are I but I am doing what I can. The only site I have right now is You Tube …tommyk342……..if you wish to visit…thank you

  5. Thank you so much for your comments! I was greatly honored to have my article posted here and very grateful to Skykid for this wonderful opportunity. It is always my privilege to be able to tell the world about such wonderful young talent. There are so many of these terrific young people swimming in an ocean of desire just waiting for their opportunity to make that one big splash. With the continued help of kind people like Skykid, we can give these youngsters that necessary and needed boost into the world of stardom.
    Thanks again Skykid and I look forward to sharing many more soloists and groups in the near future.

  6. I am glad that you liked the article of Rivenmaster . We are going to work closely together – as we both share the passions for good music. I am glad he left a comment on an article of mine , which allowed me to discover his blog. Now he has installed there Disqus – the same commenting system I have on here and one should not miss the chance to leave a comment on his blog as well. Rivenmaster`s blog is soon to appear at the links section of my blog as well – and of course I am glad that he agreed to be a guest author for – so in time you can expect another excellent articles written by him.

  7. Thomas Hans certainly seems like he's destined for great things.

    It's nice to read about the stars of the future all over the world. Thanks skykid and Rivenmaster for providing a place where you know you can go to get good information like is contained in this article.

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