James (2015)

James by Kyle McCauleyInventively mixing elements of childhood fantasy and real life, Kyle McCauley‘s short film James offers a unique insight into the mind of a young boy dealing with bullies and family issues.  The movie impressed with its approach, including commentary on social reality through the use of indirections (metaphors and allegories), and through the usage of well-crafted visual and sound effects.

The special effects reminds one of the American animated TV series Voltron: Defender of the Universe, or more recently Transformers, in 2007. This guarantees an appeal to younger audiences who, while they may not pick on the dramatic layers of meaning the story holds, will enjoy the amazing visuals.


At times, the story leaves the audience confused, as it appears the action is often left open to interpretation. This is especially true regarding the role that James parents play in his life. It is possible that some viewers will disapprove of fantasy as a form of escapism when facing real problems. The best way to decide if you like the film, once having found out about it, is to watch it now.


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