Jet Boy

3starsAn independent and rare Canadian movie – Jet Boy is not easy to find. The film, also known as Moments in some releases,  is a well-made drama dealing with serious subjects. The main character is Nathan – a 14-year-old boy who is also a hustler. His role is played by Branden Nadon,  who makes a remarkable debut in this movie. The movie is both grim and sad at times.  I felt really sorry for Nathan and for all other kids out there hustling on the streets because of the way they are raised.

Early in the film, the viewer discovers that Nathan’s mother is drug-addicted and does not really care about him. The whereabouts of his dad are unknown. Nathan just wants to be loved and to have someone to care for him. In one of the scenes, he says: “I just want to be a good kid” and that shows that if he had a different childhood he would just be the kid next door. But, instead, he has to bring drugs to his mother and do things that no child should do. When his mother dies from a drug overdose, he runs away from the social workers and meets Boon (Dylan Walsh) who seems to be some sort of criminal. He tags along with him to Vancouver and they both learn a lot about themselves and each other.

In addition to the story itself, the movie Jet Boy allows us to enjoy its first-class character development. At first, we know very little about the people we meet. But then, as the story goes on, we learn a lot.  Still,  room remains for a few surprises…


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The movie at IMDB (link) Another provocative coming of age tale – The Little Criminals

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  1. I watched this movie it was very heart touching to me. Don’t even know how I got to it but when I found it I though why not let’s watch it. The movie settled in on my heart mainly because movies like this are rare. I would very much recommend this movie to anyone. I felt bad for Nathan because he had a mother who just wanted drugs and he basically had nobody to turn to. It makes you realize that kids like this go through abuse everyday and are very unfortunate. It touches my heart. I think that kids should not have to go through this every single day of their lives. And Nathan in this movie was pretty much seeking sex from guys. And I would have to blame his mother for that because he says in the movie that he “turns on his mother and her boyfriends” which I was very much shocked to hear that. It makes you question her “why would she do such a thing?” Nathan was clearly sexually abused by his own mother by being used to get his mom drugs and sex. He was through it so much that he himself wanted to have gay sex with guys because of the abuse that he was through. He was basically selling himself out for sex. And being used like that saddens my heart. I personally know what this movie talks about because I have been through sexual abuse by a family member. And this story really speaks to me in a way. When I hear about kids being sexually abused it makes me want to punch a wall. I think no kid should have to be put through that. This story really talks to you as it goes on. It doesn’t need to be spoken you just sense everything that happens as it goes on. I think these types of movies should be presented more often for good reasons. It’s like helping a stray animal. In the ending of this movie it really warmed my heart when Nathan was rescued by Boon from being sexually abused by a stranger. It makes you think that kids now are more abused then ever by their parents just for sex and drugs. No child should have to go through something like this.

  2. I really liked the movie …. It really made me think about how hard the life of so many kids are. Made me realize how easy my life is . And reslly made me understand what it feels like to have noone that loves you. I felt really bad for nathan . What he had to do for his mother. No kid should ever have to di something like that . But that made the story much more interesting .

  3. Hello all..
    I’d like to comment much about ‘Jet Boy/Moments” movie but my english not enough/poor so pity..Sure its my favorite/most like movie..
    So hearttouching..

    • Had I met Nathan, like the detective did, I too would see to it that Nathan had a home and led a safe life. The young actor Brandon Nadon, turned in an amazing first time performance. I can’t believe his talent didn’t lead him on to future acting parts. The people who let Brandon Nadon get away were MORONS.

  4. This movie should be watched by any kid who has isues with no mail roal model. This movie helped me understand my self and helped me realize that whatever situation is thrown at you it could alwase be worse. Lastly it helps one deal with the fact that there are others out there who go threw these crazy situations. Some times its just comforting knowing your not the only one!
    Indeed thanks for making this move!

  5. I went to Brandon Nadon's highschool. We all got to watch the movie when it was released. Brandon did an amazing job aswell as all the other actors. This movie was touching and I highly reccommend it!

  6. Just watched this movie and am amazed by how good it is – very engaging – you just cant keep your eyes off those two main actors! Dylan Walsh and Brandon Nadon are both are amazing. Why is this movie so rare and unknown or is it only that way in USA? Seems like it was popular in Europe. It reminds me of European style films actually – you really feel like you know those two characters and care about them.

  7. Hi! The film is very cool. Till the very end i didn’t believe that everything would be OK!
    Very well done Mr. Schoulz!!!
    Does anyone know what is the music in the beginnign? I like it so much, but don’t know how to find it?
    Thanks for rising this topic))

  8. I agree. A beautifully moving story that instills hope forgotten and fosters an understanding by the lay person who previously saw only a street person. Not a person capable or even in need of love, protection and understanding. I am sure it has changed lives and may have indeed saved lives. It is in my collection as well. Again, well done Mr. Schultz and thank you.


  9. Hello Dave,

    Its a honer to have your comment in my blog. Indeed the movie now is more easier to find in Europe – I have heard of DVD stores in London that have it.

    Thank you for writing and directing such a powerful movie.

    Sincerely ,


  10. I wrote and directed this move. It came out on Univeral Home video (VHS) in 2002 and never made it to DVD in North America, although you can find it in various DVD versions in Europe. There’s a French language version of the film out there as well. I can’t remember the French title. In English it translates to Lost Innocence. If you’re trying to locate an English version of the film, try the Canadian distributor REMSTAR in Montreal.


    Dave Schultz

    • I have to congratulate you, your whole team, all the technicians, all those who played a part in the making of this 2001 film, and of course both your wonderful actors, Branden Nadon and Dylan Walsh. I read somewhere that Branden stopped his acting career to train as a stuntman. Respect to his choice but I do hope he didn’t stop for good, because in his part as the young protagonist he showed a huge and promising talent. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find other films with him and that confirmed my assumption of him having left acting. Your choice of supporting actors was also excellent. For instance, it’s not obvious, even for a good actor, to play the nasty part of a sexual abuser. That reminds me of an actor (I don’t remember his name) who once played such a part and got insulted in the streets, people taking him for a real pedophile! Living in Europe I was lucky to have found the DVD of the film. I have watched it several times since and it’s one of my favorites in my collection of DVDs. I think such a film should be shown to classes in school and seen by every person concerned with the care and protection of childhood, be it in the field of education, health, or law enforcement. It is truly an excellent film I would recommend to all. Another compliment goes to the author of the music. It perfectly fits the rythm of that amazing story.

  11. been watching last night, the character is very moving.. the ending was very suprise and unexpected..

    when I was younger, Nathan remind me my old friend he was quite ‘abandoned’ wondering where he’s now :(


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