La Revolte des enfants

La Revolte des enfantsEvery person has right to be treated as human being – no matter how old or young he is.

La Revolte des enfants is movie about the despair attempt of a group of French boys in a reformatory institution to earn their right of human dignity. One could only guess how horrible were these boys treated – not because the movie succeeds to convey this message – but rather because there are movies with similar themes such as Song for a Ragggy Boy.

2 hours and 7 minutes are a bit too much for the story and I personally did not like the acting a lot. There were some good scenes ( few at the begging and one or two at the end) – but in general the director did a poor job in this movie. The soundtrack of the movie ( piano music ) was a bit annoying at times too.

La Revolte des enfants is watchable movie and will keep you in front of your monitor/screen for a while – and still there are far better movies out there with similar storyline.

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