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MattyB Raps


MattyB RapsJust when you thought that you couldn’t be surprised and when you thought most of the faces on the world music scene were well known – MattyB rises up from Atlanta, Georgia.

Using social media and YouTube to become known is a relatively recent phenomenon. But most of today’s young musicians who have utilized that media have been teens or about to enter their teenage years (i.e. Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Troye Sivan to name a few).  One of the things that sets MattyB apart is that he is just seven years old.  Another is that he and his cousin and fellow rapper, Mars, are launching a quest to change the world’s perception of Rap music and inspire people to believe in their dreams.

The contacted MattyB and Mars through their manager/producer, Blake, who besides holding those titles holds another important one as well – Dad.  You see, Blake is MattyB’s father and among his biggest supporters.  Blake is an entrepreneur who, besides heading many other ventures, is managing/producing MattyB’s fledgling music career. I posed some questions to Blake, Mars and MattyB about how MattyB got started and where he hopes this will lead.

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MattyB says he was drawn to the beat of Hip Hop music at the age of four or five and wanted to take dance lessons.  It was Mars who first got him interested in Rap music.  In response to our question on how MattyB’s talent for Rap was discovered, Blake says, “When Mars moved in with our family in 2009 and began recording music, MattyB would learn his lyrics and constantly recite them to the music.” Indeed, MattyB says that he frequently gets the inspiration for his songs from Mars. “My songs come from listening to my big cousin Mars’ music.  We have a home recording studio and Mars is always writing and recording music and I get my ideas from listening to his music.”

From that point, Mars relates, “MattyB approached me with five of his own original songs one afternoon and begged me to record and put him on YouTube.”  Blake continues the story, “We launched the channel because MattyB kept writing lyrics down and asking Mars could he make a video and be on YouTube.  After MattyB continued to persist and beg to make a video, Mars and I finally gave in and helped him.”

I asked if they expected the level of interest that first video generated.  “The first video, Eenie Meenie, went viral and was placed on the front page of YouTube and this response was a surprise”, Blake responded.  “We expected a good response, but not a video reaching over 500,000 views in its first week.”

That MattyB exhibits artistic talent at such a young age comes as no surprise to Blake who says it’s somewhat in his genes.  “My mother has always been into poetry and drama and is very creative and my wife is also very artistic and creative.  I, myself, am an entrepreneur, which also requires creativity. My 14-year-old son, Blake Jr, is a very talented drummer and artist and also has participated in drama since 1st grade.  Also Joshua, my 8-year-old son, is a very creative artist in drawing and painting.”

mattyB and Mars

I inquired of Mars how moving into such a talented family has been for him.  He replied, “It is great because I get to take my experience in music and impart it to the next generation.  MattyB and all the children are like younger brothers to me because I live with the family and I believe in my little cousins and the gifts and talents they have.”

MattyB’s music is being met with a lot of enthusiasm on YouTube, with comments ranging from praise of his cuteness to raves about his talent and devotion.  Of course, sprinkled among those YouTube comments are the occasional negative ones from those who feel the need to express an opinion that kids can’t sing. Thankfully, MattyB is having none of that.

A few days ago, I showed his video clips to my cousin, who is twelve years old, and he was really impressed.  He said that it makes him want to get into singing as well – asking if I would support him as Mars has supported MattyB.  That’s just one example of how inspiring MattyB’s music has become.


In an interview with Mars on one of their YouTube videos, MattyB states that he wants his music to influence people, to touch them and help them make the right choices in life. (I could not help recalling the 2000 classic film, Pay It Forward, starring Haley Joel Osment.  You’ll recall that film focuses on a young boy who attempts to make the world a better place just like our little rapper MattyB).

So what does the future hold?  I asked Mars if he’d continue to perform with MattyB and if an album was in their future, “MattyB is only 7 so we plan on letting him move at the pace he truly desires.  Right now that is very fast paced and thus far there has been no signs of him wanting to slow down.  Of course, school and activities will dictate how much time can be allocated.  We’re not in a hurry to have him record an album, because we want to give him time to develop his talent.  More joint performances are very likely.”

And finally, I asked MattyB to answer the most important question of all, one that will be asked of him throughout what I predict will be a long and successful career in music, if that’s what he decides to do with his life.  The question: What is your favorite color?  The answer: Blue.

You’ll be anything but blue after watching MattyB perform.  I predict you’ll have a huge smile on your face.

Don`t forget to visit MattyB`s YouTube Channel and subscribe for future updates. We will also keep a close eye on his career.


  1. Mattyb I love u. I wish u could make my biggest dream come true I am eleven and I want o meet you so badly and every day I think of how it would make my heart full is to meet u I love u mattyb I really want to meet u. So if u can make my dream come true it would fill my heart so it ends up being full please and I would love to be in one of your songs I really truly am your biggest please reply and tell me if u could make my heart full please.

  2. MattyB, u make very good videos. I didn’t know there was a kid that young that can sing as well as u can. I been watching ur videos for a while now. And I’m always Watching ur new ones. Keep up the good work. And don’t let haters slow ya down bud.


  4. i love your music so much i am adicted to your song boyfriend i think it is one of your best songs ever. i wanted to know how old are you. i have the biggest dream ever and my dream is to meet u. i am your biggest fan ever and ithink u are so cute i love you

  5. Matty-B is the coolest boy in the whole wide universe. I know all his song and I hope one day we can sing in a duet. I am a wonderful but nobody can sing better than him and if we have any haters they all loudmouths. I love you!

  6. thanks mattyB for inspiring everyone! keep up with your rapping! all your fans believe in you! ignore the haters they have nothing better to do with there life’s, so they try and ruin other peoples dreams ! LOVE YOU MATTYB thank you for inspiring me:)

  7. MattyB You r sooooo Awesome! You have got me rapping CHEYYYAAA! do you notice how all you`r haters keep wacthing you`r videos? its because there jealous there not as cute and talented as you! keep rapping MattyB and never change for nobody ;)

  8. mattyb keep doingg whatt ur doin i hope you neverr stop makin music. and ur definatelyy inspiringg alott of people includingg my little cousin who is 8 too he saw me watchin one of ur videos and askedd me to help him make one and put it on youtubee and everytime he gets even 1 view he gets excited. you really are an inspiration (check out the video if you wantt- last one singing

  9. hey mattyb u have inspired evryone who listns to u and u made me love the word chyeah…..i love ur song covers. u rlly r goin far and i kno u will be HUGE one day…..I AM UR # 1 FAN, i have so many catch frases i use from u…..haha chyeah!!!I LOVE YOUUU MATTYB!!

  10. hey mattyb you are cool a and one thing i got to say is follow your dreams if someone says you can not sing well just follow yours because your just having fun its not like your trying to have comption just believe your dreams mattyb

  11. Nothin but the best of luck and my support to you MattB & Mars>You both have a lot of talent and innovation. Hope to a lot more of you around! Make it up there kid!

  12. I too believe in you, MattyB! I’m loving your vibe and I’m happy to have found some positive inspirational music and messages that my 5yr old son can groove to. He too loves to perform and I think he is gonna love you!

  13. mattyB is going to one the best rappers and i want to be just like him i am young 12 years old but how do i be famous?

    • Everyone starts somewhere. Some of the singers in here , at and have a lot of experience , others are just starting . For some the fame comes overnight , for other takes more time – it really depends what do you want and enjoy – if you enjoy singing – do it , share your music and you will soon find people to support you , and then fans and then the fame might come. It helps if you take some vocal lessons or if you play instruments – but its not requirements . Truth is that everyone walks his own way to the fame – and many of the stories behind the young singers you can find in here and the blogs I listed above.

      Good luck

  14. Well……
    Rap ain't my choice of music. However this little guy has a unique about him.
    To be so young and knows how to make you believe what he's saying. That's what caught my attention. I think this kid has a shot at the major level, once they find that competive mark.

  15. What a little star in the making! I don't usually like rap but this little guy is truly talented with rhythm and rhyme. I think some kids are just born with certain talents and this boy is one who came out rappen!!!! I'm not sure where he will end up but I would make a wager on his showmanship taking him to the top of whatever he can dream of. I love the toothless smiles and his ability to allow his personality to shine through his videos. This kid is a real charmer and I'm so happy you introduced us to him. Who knows I might start liking rap and MattyB can be my first rap idol! Way to go son you have made a new convert! LOL :)

  16. Like many other people, I suppose, I knew nothing of MattyB before this article. So thanks for writing and sharing it with the world, skykid. MattyB certainly appears to have the drive and dedication and passion it takes to make it in the music world or in any other profession. Very best wishes to him in his musical pursuits and in life in general.

  17. fantastic article I am not a big rap fan but Mattyb might just be turning me around about that.
    He is one amazing young man..

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