Milo (2012)

milo 2012With its beautiful score and atmospheric opening credits, one might expect a lot from the 2012 Dutch film Milo. But unfortunately its Coming-of-Age narrative, focusing on the experiences of a 10-year-old boy whose life is religiously controlled by his father, fails to keep the attention of the viewer.

Dutch films are known for their realistic photography and storylines but, in this case, brothers Berend and Roel Boorsma (who wrote the script and directed the film) failed to attain the authentic feel that could have saved this slow-paced movie. While we can still observe some important motifs related to the rite of passage experience – friendship, acceptance, isolation and honesty – the film is likely to disappoint an audience seeking entertainment or dramatic personal narratives.

Milo was filmed in Ireland and some of the actors speak with heavy accents that could prove difficult for the viewer for which English is not the first language. The dialogue often lacks much meaning, so nothing valuable is lost – with exception of the viewer’s time. Most actors were unconvincing in their roles, even the young Lorcan Bonner (in the title role of Milo) who performed well at first, but lost his edge as the story developed.

I would not recommend Milo — even to die-hard fans of the European cinema. There are far better titles to explore …

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  1. It’s hard to believe that we saw the same movie! Perhaps because I am a native English speaker the accents came across more as charming than as difficult. The film was both absorbing and wonderfully paced with a real punch in the last act. It’s about prejudice and loyalty, and about a young boy (and his mother) finding their identity through their courage to escape a father who is revealed to be increasingly self absorbed, demanding, and controlling as the movie progresses. Performances are intense and realistic (especially from Lorcan Bonner). Give this one a first or (perhaps) even a second chance!

    • I have seen other Irish films such as Mickybo and Me (2004)- but the accent there was much more bearable – even charming as you called it in your comment. Yet I do not think that is the case for Milo.

      I am glad that you left a comment so that other readers can have another opinion to compare – from the reviews I have seen of the film – the film is either praised or bashed – so there is some duality of opinions.

      My impressions are what they are and while I won`t hesitate to give a film I found something of value a second change I am not sure I am willing to do the same for Milo.


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