Mixtape (2009)

Ever since Bill Milner appeared in the Son of Rambow – his acting talent earned him worldwide recognition as one of the best young actors.  Of course, that affected my blog too – where you can read several articles in which his name is mentioned. It seems that Bill fancies appearing in short movies – as after his appearance in Pop Art he appeared in another  short  flick called  Mixtape which inspired this post.


Mixtape tells the story of Ben (Bill Milner), who prepares a special gift for the girl next door ( whom he likes – you can tell by his nervousness when speaking with her Mom).  Speaking of short movies – Mixtape can make you reconsider your idea of short (it did mine) as it runs for about 120 seconds. Yet I found it quite moody – like I saw it , smiled and felt like dancing! That’s quite an achievement for such a limited exposure – and it’s the talent of Bill, the cuteness of the girl he likes (Charlotte Beaumont) and the bittersweet story – brought together by the promising young director, Luke Snellin, who shot the film just in one day on a very tight budget.

Charlotte Beaumont

I really wish I was able to see Mixtape on the big screen – that ln itself must be quite an experience – but in the meantime you can see it below :

Mixtape won the best short film award at the Virgin Media Awards Ceremony

check out the Bill Millner Central the best site dedicated to him I was able to find online


  1. Magnifique! It's absolutely adorable. I could watch it ten times over! And Mr. Milner shows us just how much he can shine in a matter of a few minutes. I look forward to seeing more of him in my film-viewing future :D

    Just goes to show you how the music in each of us brings us together. It knows no time, no bounds, no place.

  2. That`s the thing with Mixtape – that you remember all those days . Like some friends were making for me a compilation of Queen songs , then I made some for them – with Disco vibes and similar – I must have been around Ben`s age or probably few years younger when all of that was happening . At one time there was a web site by that name – which was doing like the same thing , but with mp3 files and alikes. And now life is more digital ” – but the idea has not changed much…

  3. I want to see it, I want to see it. It looks so cool. And it takes me back when I use to be dubbing tapes and get my favorite songs in one cassette. Can't belive that I use to carry a bunch of cassettes and now. With an iPod I can get 50 times that. lol.


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