Pete (2003)

Pete is a very disturbing and difficult to watch. The movie was produced by Stormforce pictures. Despite the fact  that it was probably made of a very tight budget it got recognized as the Best Drama at the 2004 New York Independent Film and Video Festival.

The director utilizes flashback techniques to introduce the memories of the nine years old Pete.  The movie is shot in black and white and this only emphasizes its overall darkish atmosphere. The plot is portraying a rather typical story in which the parents willingly blame their kids for anything without even considering that the problem could be themselves – their attitude and behavior towards the world and the kids themselves. Some of the scenes show Pete witnessing the scandals between his parents and the desperation they cause on him. By the fifth minute the movie becomes really hard to watch as director does not spare anything from the abuse Pete gets from the hands of his own mother. By the ninth minute the movie becomes extremely disturbing – featuring a murder scene and then a very powerful and symbolic ending.

The camerawork is decent as you will notice that since the focus is one Pete , the majority of scenes are filmed at his level. Meaning the camera has been lowered – as to present the scenes the way he seem them.Its almost like if the movie  is supposed to appear as though we’re watching surveillance footage

The cast had notable British accent – and the acting was pretty well.

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