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I was not going to write about the TV series ” Roman Mysteries ” – assuming that all of you have heard of it . However yesterday while I was chatting with Ikarus – when I mentioned that I was currently watching the series  he told me that he never heard of them – so I decided that after all they deserve to at least be mentioned at I must admit that I am not a big fan of TV series – but they do a fine job when I am tired or don`t have time to watch a full length film .

Harry Stott

Roman Mysteries follows the stories of Flavia, Nubia, Jonathan, and Lupus, four young friends growing up in Ancient Rome. The TV series are based on the books by Caroline Lawrence. I haven`t read them yet – but would like to do that soon.  The series were filmed in Bulgaria , Malta and UK with a budget exceeding 10 millions British pounds – which is probably why the overall image in the series is quite good.  The casting is quite good for TV series – and most of the actors delivered good performances .


I have always been interest in ancient history – Greek , Rome , Visantian empire . I even took classes in Latin while I was attending high school and even I found it rather hard language  I really enjoyed the classes ( much thanks to my teachers ) . Roman Mysteries could entertain – but I am not so sure if there is much of educational value in them. At the end I guess – my opinion on Roman Mysteries is a bit biased – as I myself am found of the popular  “Rome” series – as they seem to be more intense and intriguing .

 IMDB page

Official web site of the book on which the series are based

If you have seen the series please feel free to leave a comment with your impression on them as this is sure to help people who hear for them for a very first time.


  1. te sunt pulchra mea nomen est angelus lupus cognomentum.Sed quind tu mutus?Ego sum a magnus fan tui.Mihi novem annis?Sequor ip misteriorum quotannis Romae,italus sum ego quuod si quind nosti pretium adiuverat italicos gaudeo.

  2. ayo i love this show man. harry stott ur like the best english actor ever homie ur so young and talented keep going bruva. ive been trying to get in to acting but ma school grades ent good enough so im thinking of leaving it but if you can help a brother out then thats wiked holla homie.

  3. It has been a while since I wrote my article about Roman Mysteries and I kept watching them. My opinion has not changed much – but yes since most of the stories are split in 2 episodes – watching one a night gives you something to look for the next night. It will be good if more people find out of the series …watch them and share their views …



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