koktebelKoktebel is a Russian coming of age drama – which has gained some recognition on festivals across the world. The way in which the movie is directed and filmed in similar way as the movies: The Return and Mirror . I liked the cinematography in the movie – the camera work is great and the scenes were pleasure for my senses. However the pace of the movie was a bit too slow for my liking -and whereas some my argue that such pace is necessary to describe the characters – I think that the story could have been told for half the time it was. One of the directors of Koktebel is psychologist and this clearly affected the movie – as the friend of mine I watched this movie noted – one has to think about the story , to analyze the events in order to fully understand the story. Koktebel is about a father and son who travel across the Russian wilderness – with a goal many people strive for ( me too) – start a new life. They travel by foot , train – stopping at places to work and earn some money for survival. During their journey they meet various locals and while interacting with them learn new things about themselves – the father for the boy and the boy for his father. The story is told in narrative style – mainly from the view point of the boy – which makes Koktebel a good coming of age movie. The true nature of the dreams is examined – and one can see that sometimes a common goal can shape the life of people.