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    Bill Milner

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    Mixtape (2009)

    Ever since Bill Milner appeared in the Son of Rambow - his acting talent earned him worldwide recognition as one of the best young...

    Pop Art – a short film starring Bill Milner

    Pop Art is a short film shot in 2007 starring the famous British actor Bill Milner.

    Best coming of age films made for TV

    Recently I watched Skellig starring Bill Milner and was amazed how such a good movie was released as a made for TV movie.   Then...

    Son of Rambow

    Son of Rambow is a brilliant coming of age movie about friendship, inspiration and willingness to put others first. Amazingly funny and innovative, it quickly become a favorite of mine.Written and directed by Garth Jennings, “Son of Rambow” turned out to be very eccentric.