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    Benny’s Gym

    Bennys gym short movie review at

    El Niño Que Gritó Puta (The Boy Who Cried Bitch)

    El Niño Que Gritó Puta (The Boy Who Cried Bitch) coming of age movie review at Screens shots and trailer included.

    Where the Boys Are: Cinemas of Masculinity and Youth

    "Where The Boys Are: Cinemas Of Masculinity And Youth : Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television Book Review at

    Al otro lado (2004)

    Fans of coming of age movies won`t be disappointed - neither the one who expect well made drama. Yet I expected a bit more...


    Jestem is one of those movies which makes me feel sorry that I was not able to watch it on a big cinema screen. ...

    Brecha by Ivan Noel

    A preview of the second coming of age movie by Ivan Noel. Soon to be released .

    En Tu Ausencia (In Your Absence) (2007)

      En Tu Ausencia ( In your absence ) is a movie I have heard a lot about before getting a change to get a...


    Russian cinema never ceased to amaze me with  powerful dramas . Movies like My Name is Ivan , The Return , Koktebel are just...

    Savrseni Krug

    Somewhere near Sarajevo two boys manage to escape an ethic clearance.Savrseni krug also known by its English title The Perfect Circle is a prime example for a well made war movie that focuses on the effects of the military action on the ordinary people.