The Von (2007)

The Von ( 2007)His pride is his superhero card collection, superheroes are his inspiration! It’s only that in real life things can be slightly different than in the comic books – and poor Alex Vonzitzavitz (known also as The Von) gets himself in some quite embarrassing situations.  The short film The Von, directed by John Mavety, is just seven minutes long.  And even if it doesn’t impress with its story, soundtrack or acting for that matter (OK –  Jacob Bicknell  shows some promise in the lead role), it’s still  rather fun to watch. The story is narrated by the grown up Alexander  who recalls one of the most humiliating experiences of his childhood. That is why the voiceover is of an adult – which somehow lessens the impact of the story. It would have been better if Jacob Bicknell (in the role of Alexander) narrated the story with his own voice.

Released in 2007, The Von participated in the Tropfest competition (you may recall another short film review from that competition:  Marry Me) and won a Young Talent Award for the performance of its lead. Yet, when it comes to short films, the ones coming out of countries such as Denmark, Sweden or The Netherlands are clearly more engaging.

You can watch the film below :


  1. Georgi !

    I agree with your review except for ‘the story’… C’mon , that
    is what made the entire short film so funny and entertaining ! the tale retold in first person about something that has happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime but would not tell it to even the most intimate friend…. Ha ! To the innocent , the most outrageous lie told with conviction and self righteousness garners complete credibility !
    The lead, notably played by Jacob Bicknell was very good, this was his only film… Not everyone wants to be a star. A good job anyway.
    I would recommend viewing this short film for if for nothing else , to find the humor in being human and doing things we do…

    That’s my take on “The Von”


    • Thank you for your comment (I fixed the Cap locks). The idea of the reviews has always been to introduce a film to the readers from my perspective, but then to also encourage people to agree or disagree. To be honest you are right, but so am I, as most people have at least one similar episode in their lives like the protagonist of the The Von. I have also enjoyed the integration of cartoons into the short film …it makes it more enjoyable to watch.

    • Thank you Georgi !
      Thanks for providing we viewers a valuable service, ‘your reviews’, also for the viewers input !
      You are a gentleman.
      I agree regarding placing cartoon or animation in short or full length films “Max and Moritz Reloaded” comes to mind… HA! When done well the effect is so fun !



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