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Vienna Boys Choir Goes Pop


Vienna Boys Choir Goes PopRight now, my multimedia player is busy entertaining me with the ” Vienna Boys Choir Goes Pop album. ” Trough I am into tremble music, I guess my taste is still not refined enough, or on the opposite, it is just very personal as I prefer to listen to more pop and rock sound than classy choir music – which is probably one of the reasons for me to like this specific album of the Vienna Boys Choir more than the other their releases and performances I have heard until now. My opinion is that the choir music would have been much more popular if there were more modern sound projects – not like disco and techno ( actually why not ), but combined with some other style – as Libera did. It is hard to choose a favourite song – favourites will be easier: Supreme, All you need is love, Nothing else matters and Get down!

Update 16.11.2009 I had a chance to attend a concert of WSK

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  1. Yes I have heard a lot of Tölzer Knabenchor , but don`t have personal impressions . ( soon I will ). Thank you for sharing your opinion – you pretty much confirmed my observations that the followers of WSK don`t really like this album – may be because it really brakes the tradition …may be because the style really is different.

  2. I didnt like this album that much… of course they're still great but the music just does not fit them.
    As a treblefan and ofc a wskfan i prefer their more classical recordings… especially those before -98. I think that they lost some of their… i dont know… quality maybe after 98. WSK are still splendid but instead of being the best they are just… good. However, the german boys choir “Tölzer Knabenchor” seem to have taken their place.


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