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Vox Angeli

Vox AngeliThe first album of Vox Angeli was released few days ago (February 4, 2008) and it seems that it has gained popularity judging from the the amount of visits to this blog only due to the fact that I have bookmarked their official site . I will admit that until recently I was not familiar with the group Vox Angeli but knew about one of the six soloist in it – the young and very talented Louis-Alexander Désiré. Louis sings the Schubert’s Ave Maria solo which is featured as the sixth song ( out of ten) in the album. I had the chance to listen to all songs and am really impressed – the music is really touching and one easily can see why the name that the name of the album and the group is a right tag for the angelic voices of the girls and boys in the group. Actually I guess the more appropriate term for Vox Angeli wouldtracklistsx4 be choir rather then group. Finding information about them in English is not an easy task – even their official web site is French only – which is a pity as it somehow it sets some limits to people who want to learn more about them. Vox Angeli has 6 members – 3 girls – (Lola, Iris and Claire) and three boys (Mathis,Louis and Etienne) – I have created a small collage for this post so you can have an idea who is who ( of course they do have biographies on their official page ). I have read opinions which compared them with Angelis same formation and similar image and I could only wish them to become at least as popular as Angelis are- because they really deserve that.


  1. It is a pity that there is not more information in English particularly as Louis Alexander has often performed in England. His mother is English and he is completely bi-lingual.

  2. I like Vox Angeli my best band.They’re the best and I would like to see them too.They’re so great
    and I’m playing all song forever.Amazing how they sing and playing.I like them .

  3. Just wanted to say Vox Angeli is totally amazing. All of their songs give you peace and rest in your mind, which is sometimes needed by some people, including me. Listening to the songs is just incredible. Not only their voices sound like angels. I believe they are as well.

  4. I love these kids. Their voices sound really pure and clear.
    Referring to Davey man’s comments, I believe Sony MIGHT see them as a marketing tool, coz they make money. Kids are kids. They are NOT perfect. Even adults’ singings are always out of tune, so why do you emphasize so much that they can’t sing in right tune and that they can’t sing? Though their songs may be engineered, their voices couldn’t be. Even you dislike that company, pls don’t judge the group so subjectively.
    By the way, I agree that they and their parents may not be as happy as we imagine, particularly when they receive comments like yours, which are so cruel and harsh. (Though your expressions may not be impolite, they are really hurtful.)

  5. These kids are really like little angels. i love their voices, and they bring such a new.. feeling.. to these songs. i have always loved the original versions, and hearing them sing these songs so beautifully is truly amazing.. :)

  6. i just finished to listen part of the album, and i think that they have talent, because they are so young to the vocal grade that they sing…i like Vox Angeli in general, they sounds so sweet specialy i like “si seulement je povuais lui manquer” is a beautiful song…and the full album is great..! im fan of they from Mexico.


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