Where eskimos live

Where eskimos live is one of those movies I have heard a lot about before getting a chance to watch it myself. Because of that, my expectations of it were a bit high. But after the final credits rolled like a minute ago. I remained disappointed. I spent most of the film trying to figure out what was really happening. Horrible acting and unrealistic scenes flooded the screen and finding a good point to praise in this film became a rather a difficult task.

Where eskimos live

Well …ok, there were few scenes that are well filmed and one could get some idea of what the War in Bosnia looked like. Another good point in the movie is the performance of Sergiusz Zymelka in the role of the 9 year old Bosnian orphan, surprisingly mature for his age. However the acting performances of the balance of the cast is what resulted in my poor evaluation of for the overall acting for the movie. I would suggest checking some of the other films in which Sergiusz Zymelka starred in, if you manage to get a hold on them, but no doubt, they will me much better than, Where Escimos Live.

Where eskimos live 2

But on to my review. The story is about a criminal who poses as UNICEF official in Bosnia, trying to find an orphan to smuggle out of the country for his clients in Poland. A nine year old boy (Sergiusz Zymelka) who is running wild with a gang of kids, decides to accompany the man hoping for better future in Norway where the Eskimos live. In its core, the movie plot is about trafficking children to Europeans while trying to be a war drama at the same time, failing on both fronts. “Where Eskimos Live” tries heartily to be a harsh road movie and probably, this is the only ground on which it reaches some success .

Sergiusz ŻymełkaAt one point in the movie we see the smuggler becoming concerned for his “valuable cargo”, after spending some time with the boy and getting to know his personality, they gradually build a friendship and that development is one of the few good features of the movie.

There are some graphic scenes not suitable for minors.

In the end will I recommend it. Not without hesitation however, but would answer yes to the question, “Should I see it?” Even if its only to see the performance of Sergiusz Zymelka.

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  1. I think the actors did a good job with the material given. I think this film failed because of the poor script. You can't just put a cute kid on the screen and think that the movie will work — you still have to justify the changes that the characters experience. The film shows two people sharing experiences and thinking that alone will create an emotional bond. But the two start out in such different places that even with shared experiences, you cannot accept that they would want to stay together — especially when the boy finds out that he's bound for the underground child market.

  2. You should not be confused. All the reviews I write reflect my opinion of the film and it could happen to be a negative one – but its very subjective. In the case of Where eskimos live – my opinion is probably influenced by the fact that I don`t really appreciate the acting abilities of Bob Hoskins- not just in that film , but and in others I have seen – like Pinokio . So despite the interesting plot and the brilliant performance of Sergiusz Zymelka – my overall opinion of the film is rather negative. But after all that`s why these comments are about – so people like you can see the film and share their opinions on it.

  3. I'm confused, this is the first time that I don't get totally attracted to watch a movie, after reading a review here. It looks like the movie is not the best, but the acting of little Sergiusz Zymelka worths watching the movie. Anyway will add to my list also.

  4. la pelicula es buena. tiene emocion , guerra , triteza y realismo de lo que hace la jente por dinero estrite pero cierto esta pelicula puede ser tranquila mente hechos reales ,


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