Alex Jr. : Then and Now


Alex Jr. is an amazing young artist,  to whom I very much enjoy listening. He never misses — always right on the money.

His voice is clean and clear with no wavering.  I never get tired of listening to his wonderful voice.

Alex is from Santa Caterina, Brazil. He entered a  competition in 2006 on a show called Jovens Talentos (previously known as Show da Criança) – for the age group under eleven.  After his first performance of “Nascemos Pra Cantar”  people loved him (including me). He ended up performing three songs while winning  the competition.  The video, above,  is of him in his well deserved win.  Shortly after that competition,  the age group ‘under eleven’ was canceled. But that wasn’t the end of Alex — by far.  Raul Gil hired him as a regular on his show programa Raul Gil na Band . Here he paid homage to other Alex Jrcomposers and musicians and has done a fabulous job of this. The people to whom he paid homage were all honored by this young man’s performances of their music.  Below is one of his performances, in February 2008, in which he pays homage to Ataíde e Alexandre singing  “Agenda Rabiscada”.   Alex paid homage to many people on that TV show.

Alex Júnior - Agenda Rabiscada

Now Alex has  a partner, Willian. They are now known as Alex & Willian and the sound is as good as ever.   Still doing performances for Rual Gil,  Alex and Willian now also perform on other shows and at many places around the country. To find scheduled show information, visit their website at:

Alex’s voice and music has been progressing quite well over the past few years and I believe Alex and Willian make a great duo. Their voices fit together very well. I enjoy listening to him as much now as when he was younger.  Below, is  a video of the duo singing “Te esquecer não consigo”.

Alex e Willian - Te esquecer não consigo

Alex has certainly come a long way since that competition in 2006 and has accumulated many videos.  I wish I could bring them all to you,  I know you would enjoy them. However, he does have plenty to chose from on his channel  Alex&Willian so please do stop by there and give them your support. It  is a fairly new site  and, as yet, has very few supporters.  I hope you enjoy listening to Alex as much as I do……

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