Exclusive Interview: Leonard Proxauf

TheSkyKid.com talked to the 14-year-old actor Leonard Proxauf, who stars in the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning film The White Ribbon and the artful fairytale from Germany  Nevermore.  In the interview, below,  SK: will indicate the questions posed by theSkyKid.com and LP: the replies by Leonard Proxauf.


SK: Leonard, how did you get into acting and how did you get the role in Nimmermeer (Nevermore)?

LP: I started acting because of my mother, who is an actress herself, that made me curious and I wanted to try it out and my mother helped me to get my first audition and then I was cast for the role in Nimmermeer.

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SK: What did you enjoy most about the script in Nimmermeer?

LP: I liked the story of Nimmermeer. I liked the complete script.


SK: How old were you when you filmed Nimmermeer?

LP: At that time, I was nine years old.


SK: Did you read the script of Nimmermeer alone?

LP: No. I read the script together with my mother.


Nimmermeer review at theskykid.com

SK: What else do you like to watch?

LP: I like action movies and comedies.


SK: You like comedies, but so far you’ve played rather difficult roles!  How did that happen?

LP: I don’t know. Maybe I have a better talent for serious acting, but I would also like to play comedies.


SK: How do you prepare yourself for the challenging roles?

LP: I don’t really prepare so much prior to my difficult roles — just learning my text, of course, and thinking about it.



SK: How can you cry in front of the camera?

LP: I think I can identify myself quite well with situations and people or even fictitious people. The wardrobe lets me live my character, and the set, so I feel like the person and can just play according to the script.



SK: What do you like about acting?

LP: I really like that you can be different persons that you are not in real life or even would not like to be.



SK: Would you like to become a professional actor one day?

LP: Right now, I would like to became an actor, though I would also find it interesting to become a psychologist.



SK: Do you have any movies coming up?

LP: Yes.  In the Spring of 2011, there will be a Swedish detective movie (Der Kommissar und das Meer, ZDF), with me playing the detective’s son.


SK: In what kind of films would you like to be in, in the future?

LP : In the future, I would like to try acting in comedies, in order to find out if I like this genre, and fantasy films


SK: What would you rather play, the evil or the good one?

LP: The good ones J.  Well, no, I guess the evil ones. It’s more interesting.


SK: How do you cope with school and do you have a private teacher on set?

LP: Well, I usually film during holidays — mostly summer holidays.  If I’m not filming during summer holidays, I get free days from school that must be made-up later, but I have no private teacher.


SK: You received a Young Artist Award a few weeks ago!  What were your feelings and did you expect it?


LP: It was definitely a very good feeling and quite a surprise that I won that award.  I was very happy about it and, yes, I am proud of it.



SK: Was it your first award?

LP: Yes.  It was my first award.



SK: Isn’t it strange to see yourself on screen or have you gotten used to it?

LP: It’s still quite strange to see myself, even to hear my own voice. Maybe everyone knows how strange it is. I still don’t like to hear myself.


SK: You speak German.  What is your first foreign language and which other language do you speak?

LP: My first language is French and my second one is English.



SK: Have you ever had an audition for a Hollywood film?

LP: Yes.  I already had an audition request for a Steven Spielberg film, but decided not to go because I’m not yet advanced enough in English. I am working hard to make it to the next audition.



SK: Would you like to say something to your fans?

LP: Please follow me on Twitter

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  1. And for those who haven’t seen both films each has a review right here on the site . And even if I am big supporter of the US cine versus the one that they make over the Ocean – I would give them the know how of how to promote their films and productions which at the end is beneficial to everyone involved – including the actors.

  2. Exactly! He’s such a good actor. I’m not saying he made the wrong decision in declining the offer; it’s just that this is a very rare opportunity. I mean c’mon, it’s Steven Spielberg! Also, it would have been awesome if he starred in a Hollywood film. I think everyone whose seen Leonard act in Nimmermeer or The White Ribbon would want him exposed to a larger audience and be recognized for his talent even more.

  3. I am not too familiar with auditions – however having seen Nimmermeer I am well aware of the immense acting talent of Leonard Proxauf. My impression was that he chooses not to attend that particular audition because he was not sure of his English skills at the time.

  4. It’s not “only” an audition request. This means he had a chance to be in the Steven Spielberg film.

  5. Leonard had only an audition request for a Stephen Spielberg film like hundreds other european young actors

  6. What a delightful interview! I especially enjoyed the video with the subtitles and watching Leonard answer the very informative questions you asked him. Great job with this article and made me feel all the more honored to have done the audio version of your film review NimmerMeer (2006). Congratulations Leonard on your new movie roll and you can be sure we will be keeping track of your future accomplishments!


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