Oliver Twist (2005)

Few minutes ago I saw the Roman Polanski version of Oliver Twist. I did not like this version and my honest opinion is that the one made back in 1968 was way better – in terms of acting ,cast – cinematic realization in general . This being said I still enjoyed the movie ( at least one bit ) and so did my 11 year old cousin who saw the movie with me. I assume that most of you if not all are already familiar with the popular story written by Charles Dickens which is why I am not going to get in much details about its storyline. Instead I would like to outline the rather unique twist in the version of Roman Polanski – at the end of the movie one actually feels sorry for FAgin ( even my cousin get really sad watching the scene in which Oliver went to the prison to see him- asking me – “….but why he was a very good old man ?” I tried to explain that he was making the boys to steal for him – risking their own life – but I have to admit that my explanations were not that convincing as by the last scene I too felt sympathy for the old fella . After all he was providing food and shelter for the boys – who otherwise could just as well die from hunger in the streets !

After seeing this adaptation of Oliver Twist – I feel a bit angry to myself for letting my cousin watch it and get a first impression about Oliver Twist from it ( he is yet to read the book ).This version has a PG rating – and its plot is seriously sugar coated . At times even I had problems associating the scenes with what I have read , watched ( including several times on the stage ) …etc. ( some subplots are missing as well). And I don`t even want to start discussing the acting – considering that the main character Oliver ( played by Barney Clark ) was not convincing at all.

May be my opinion is a bit biased as I am huge fan of the Musical – but my advice for all of you is to stay away from this movie . Do yourself a favor and look for a copy of the BBC’s 1985 version instead .

Accurate adaptation : 1985 BBC mini-series version

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  1. Well I’m, sorry but I don’t agree with you. The 1968 version was a million times better than this crappy 2005 remake. I loathe and detest the cast especially that of Oliver who will never top Mark Lester. Plus it had all those classic songs that everybody loves .

  2. this is the best Oliver Twist movie …even better than the old one….everything was perfect except the ending was not perfectly complete….overall a great movie…old man! you made me cry…:( 10/10

  3. I think that Skykid certainly managed to express his personal impression truthfully – in marked contrast to you; english girl and/or cheer chick. Or why would you support your own post by answering under another pseudonyme… ?

    Try to be serious. And also to improve on your writing. Why would you not write “people”, “you” or “sorry” ? It are just 2 or 3 letters more; it would be way better readable.

    I certainly agree with Skykid – everyone has his own opinion. So can certainly not just say that he is “wrong”, by saying you opinion is the more validly one…

    You have read the book, that’s great – try to catch the other filmic realizations also; before judging too quick.




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