Ricky Rodríguez and the Magic of Flamenco

Do you remember Ricky Rodríguez?

Ricky Rodríguez “Muchacho Del Flamenco”He is the young star in the feature film Muchacho del Flamenco. Ricky was already featured at theskykid.com when he agreed to an exclusive interview right after he got his role in the film. As many of you were interested in the recent developments about the film,  I contacted  the  film’s producer, Mr.Stephen Ryder, asking him for an update.  He informed me that Ricky and the famous flamenco dancer and choreographer  Rafael Amargo are already working together at Rafael’s show and are already developing a strong bond. Mr.Ryder also provided a short video clip which once again demonstrates the extraordinary talent of the young Spanish dancer:

( the quality is not perfect , but the video is superb and quite rare)