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If this young, versatile performer is known to you only through his music videos, you are missing the whole dimension of his talent. Mister D, as Donovan is nicknamed, has already appeared in two movies (2010, 2011) and a whole bunch of TV series. He has acted in six theater productions, done voice-overs twice, and has appeared in three commercials.

Donovan turned fourteen on September 3, 2013 and has most recently been performing at the San Diego Del Mar County Fair, where he sang Some Nights by Fun, Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert and Who is Loving You by Michal Jackson.  All of these clips are available on his YouTube channel.

We don’t always see all the work that is going on behind the scenes, but we do notice that an artist has improved. For example, in his musical appearances, one tends to notice the gestures and mimicry that accompany Donovan’s performances, and the better accuracy of his notes.

All that “behind the scenes” work has included the sharpening of his skills over the years by attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. In 2009, he went to Gary Austins Improv in L.A. and has attended Phillips Performing Arts. Donovan is also studying Business Management.

From our online exchanges, I find Donovan to be a sensible young entertainer with a sense of humor, sensitive but confident in his own skills. I like his ability to motivate an audience and involve us in his singing. He loves to be in the spotlight and the focus of attention.

Watch Donovan pop up out of the audience at America’s Got Talent and blow the folks away with a portion of Who is Loving You!


In his acting career, Donovan can boast appearances in Untold Stories of the E.R. (2006 as Dylan Smith),  How I Met Your Mother (2007 as Tyler), True Jackson VP (2009-2010 as young Ryan) and Jerry’s Scary’s (2012 as Ron).  He has also appeared as a guest entertainer this year in Talent Watch and L.A Live the Show.

Donovan’s best traits are his bubbly, versatile character and his social-online accessibility. He has come a long way since that first playground video recorded by his sister Dominique.

I am certain great things are in store for Mr. D and I wish him luck in landing some big time stints.

Are you listening Warner Brothers, Disney, Broadway??

For more on Donovan check out his official web-site :

donovan dustion website

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  1. I always come late to comment. I found a video of him singing Rise like a Phoenix.

    I never thought that someone in the states will sing this song. I mean Conchita got a lot of projection after winning the Eurovision, but still Eurovision stays very local (European level)

    Good to know this kid (Donovan) is still around.

  2. Awesome article! Donovan Dustin is an incredible young singer/actor! He has an amazing voice that will leave you wondering how someone so young could sing such beautiful music. And there is no question in my mind that Donovan is definitely one very talented musician and probably going to be getting a lot of attention in the near future. I’ll definitely be watching to see what he does next. If you’d like to go to Donovan’s YouTube: to hear more amazing music from him!

  3. Donovan is truly a delight to listen to and watch perform. And i agree with you he has sharpened his performing skills a great deal as of late.

  4. he’s a wonderful lad (lol) even though we were both sceptical in the beginning i believe its fair to say he has a unique style and should make some more waves as an actor/singer/performer in the future, after all he just turned 14!! My first theatre roles were at about age 17 so he has me beat on that front.Donovan’s impulse to sing very difficult songs at a young age was not always very inspiring,but he does have a generous vocal ability which has improved dramatically this year.
    I believe we have to respect young people even when their efforts fall short at a young age,because very few singers are born with perfect tones and pitches ! What i particularly like about Donovan,he remains ONE OF US;there is no arrogance to his shows,just a bundle of faan singing his material.Some dance choreography would enhance his style i bet..–bast wishes -rjm-dortmund

  5. The author of the article spoke highly about Donovan when were discussing young performers . I must admit that I was not very impressed with some of the earlier performances of Donovan – but in his latest one I have noted huge improvement and a self-confidence. He appears to be a real crowd pleaser and I agree that he has a potential for a successful carrier in the entertainment industry ( in fact his resume is impressive as it is )



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