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Hello there fellow readers, let me introduce myself. My name is Tony. I am a fellow blogger and acquaintance of SkyKid, and he has been so kind as to include me in the great privilige of being on and posting in his blog. I hope that what I write can be something all of you can enjoy, and I am open to whatever comments you have!

Straalen McCallumStraalen McCallum, a 10 year old Australian boy and rather unkown singer in some cases, has a voice that to me is nothing short of grand. Starting out when he was just about 5 years old and singing “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” around the house, his parents urged him to carry on and develop his musical talent. Citing David Clayton Thomas as his “hero”, he continued to sing in school and at the request of his teachers at school assemblies.

Loving to sing anything, but especially “anything like cool jazz and soul,” he followed through with the admonition of his supportive parents and took lessons from a woman he calls “the world’s best singer,” Venetta Fields.

He sees himself as the next Robbie Williams, and his advice to all those who aspire to become singing superstars is to “know exactly what it is you really want and do everything you can to make it happen.”

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I am very impressed with this wonderful young man, and see a bright future for him. What are your thoughts?

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