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And Then I Go (2017)

A story of teenage anguish, confusion, aspirations, failures, and ultimately loss of innocence, resulting in a contemporary and compelling Coming-of-Age drama.

Paperhouse (1988)

A female Coming-of-Age movie that tried hard to capture a child's imagination and deal with issues such as grief, compassion, memories, and friendship, but largely fails to do so.

Baby Bump (2015)

A provocative, even vulgar at times, portrayal of growing up from a child's perspective.

Venice (2010)

A story of an eleven-year-old boy who experiences first-hand life in Poland during World War II and features an outstanding performance by Marcin Walewski.

When the Kid Was a Kid (2011)

The Iranian short film When the Kid was a Kid explores a few of the dimensions of the adult world in Iranian society by offering an intimate portrayal of  the experiences of a 10-year-old boy.

Zmory (1979)

Zmory (Nightmares) is one of the classic Coming-of-Age titles from Poland that has earned popularity internationally. Recommended to fans of European cinema and the Coming-of-Age genre.

The Wholly Family (2011)

The Wholly Family, directed by Terry Gilliam, explores the experiences of a young boy who accompanies his parents on a trip to the Italian city of Naples and combines the blending of reality and fantasy with surrealistic imagery.

The Silence (1998)

If you are looking for a distinctive cinematic experience, The Silence is a film for you.