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The World of Ludovic (1993)

For those who have read Romeo and Juliet - and liked it - you would also enjoy The World of Ludovic as a prime example of good European Coming-of-Age cinema.

Dix et demi (2010)

"This is not a film about childhood, it's a film about a different kind of childhood" Daniel Grou: Director

Clement (2001)

Clement is a Coming-of-Age film with a controversial subject matter, filmed realistically in an almost documentary style.

Pure (2002)

At its core, Pure is a powerful and heart-wrenching coming of age drama. The story is told from the point-of-view of the young Paul (Harry Eden), who witnesses the horrible consequences of drug usage and the hardship of withdrawal.

The Son of the Shark (1993)

The Son of the Shark follows the harsh life and adventures of two 10-year-old brothers through their rebellion against society, with all its norms and expectations.

Baklava (2007)

Finally, after years of not being available because it was banned in its native country of Bulgaria, a review of this controversial film by Alexo Petrov.

The Art of Crying (2006)

The Art of Crying is a controversial Danish film which, because of it's subject matter and plot complexity, may not be suitable for young audiences.

South of the Moon (2008)

South of the Moon has a somewhat complicated plot, essentially tying a Coming-of-Age story with one of big love. Recommended despite a few shortcomings, South of the Moon is an innovative independent film that deserves a chance to be appreciated.

Hesher (2010)

A review of the 2010 independent film Hesher starring Devin Brochu and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.