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Rich Hill (2014)

A film, styled as a documentary, about three boys growing up poor in rural America.

Visit to a Chief’s Son (1974)

The young son of an anthropologist is going through his own transition to manhood while accompanying his father on a mission to record the Rite-of-Passage rituals of the Masai tribe in Africa.

America’s Newest Sport (1962)

Interested in skateboarding? Two video clips juxtapose footage from the 1960s and the present day, the latter showcasing a 10-year-old skateboarder.
Western Lights

Western Lights

Set sail with twelve young explorers who decided to follow the route of Christopher Columbus from Spain to the New World. Be a sailor, an archeologist, a diver and a student with them - and experience their adventures.

12 Notes Down (2008)

12 Notes Down is a documentary film that focuses on the experiences of a young member of the Royal Chapel Choir as he realizes that his changing voice would require him to stop singing.

Shelved : The Rise and fall of 11:11

Shelved: The Rise and Fall of 11:11

Have you heard of a Coming-of-Age movie titled 11:11? You might be interested in the new extensive "making-of" documentary of the film.


Jungle Child (2011)

Dschungelkind/Jungle Child (2011) is a gem of a movie that deserves to be discovered. Based on real events, it is the story of Sabine Kuegler's unusual childhood growing up deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
Johnny Cover

Johnny- The True Story of A Civil War Legend

Johnny is largely a historical autobiography with a touch of realistic scenes integrated in between the photographs and drawings from the Civil War.
The World Through Kids' Eyes

The World Through Kids’ Eyes

The World trough kids’ eyes can be seen as a valuable sociological and history lesson which allows us to have a glimpse of worlds, realities, experiences, quite untypical to what most people are used to be seeing in their mundane lives.

Gene of cruelty (2007)

After seeing the Spanish film "Cobrades" yesterday - I felt that I need to write more on the theme of violence at schools and...

Cutting Edge – Boys Alone (2002)

Yesterday while I was wondering what film shall I watch I stumbled upon a documentary which was in my collection for a while -...

Children Underground

Children Underground is one of the most astonishing and disturbing documentary movies I have seen. Its director Edet Belzberg succeeded to present a real...