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An Interview With Filmmaker Reshan Fernando

Reshan Fernando is a film director, script writer, visual effects supervisor and owner of Silent Entertainment Productions in Paris.

For a Lost Soldier: An Interview with Roeland Kerbosch

Twenty years after the date that “For A Lost Soldier” was first screened, the film’s director, Roeland Kerbosch, has given an exclusive interview.

Free Coming-of-Age Films

Ivan Noel has established a website where he will offer free, fully legal, high quality downloads of all his films and more. Read about this innovative idea.

Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play? (2010)

"Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play?" tells the story of a childhood, of a friendship and of growing up. A young man returns to the village where he grew up and discovers that both he and the place have changed. Yet, he soon finds himself immersed in his memories.

Exclusive Interview: Director Ivan Noel of En Tu Ausencia

En Tu Ausencia has earned its place among the films that first comes into one's mind when the coming of age genre is mentioned. This is an exclusive interview with the film's director, Ivan Noel.

Le Monde des Choristes

Review of Le Monde des Choristes: a DVD released in 2004 which features three films of Philippe Reypens: L'Or des Anges, Un peu de fièvre and Rejoice.

The Greenhouse effect

I knew about the Greenhouse effect for a while.  It has been recommended for me several times .  I thought that the film`s will...

Cheesecake (2008)

Cheesecake is a thriller , a psychological drama or a coming of age film – or why not all of those mixed together.

Soft Like Me (1996)

Intelligent, dramatically compelling and strangely poetic examination of where we might be headed, or where we have already arrived.