The Devil’s Gift (1984)


the devils gift

No, The Devil’s Gift (1984) is not yet another remake of The Omen. And yes, I agree that it’s easy for one to assume it is – based on the artwork of its cover. Kenneth J. Berton’s film is a horror/fantasy story, yet not one that anyone could justifiably classify as of the Coming-of-Age genre.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing since the acting of most of the cast, including that of young Struan Robertson in the role of the nine-year-old Michael, is nothing to get excited about.

The basic premise is of a cymbal-playing monkey toy, possessed by a demon, that Michael receives as a birthday present.  The evil toy turns the ordinary life of Michael’s family into a real nightmare.

One may wonder why I’m writing about this 1984 film if it isn’t a Coming-of-Age movie. The main reason is to prevent people from wrongly assuming it is. If you look around the Internet for other reviews of The Devil`s Gift (1984), you will see that the negative opinions prevail. Indeed the special effects, editing and score were more than disappointing, ridden as they are with clichés.

I can honestly say that if I was a 10-year-old or younger, the film could have really scared me. However, for the older me (and for other older viewers), what remains is the opportunity to appreciate the retro production design — from the clothes the actors wear to the interior of Michael’s room, which features posters of ET and Star Wars.  

The Devil’s Gift Trailer

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