An Exclusive Interview: Krissy-Jo Williams

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krissy-dayton-fair photoKrissy-Jo Williams is a 15-year-old singer and songwriter from Yatesboro, PA. She loves country music and loves performing. Currently, you can find her playing at various places in Western Pennsylvania and she’s the opening act for the band Saddle Up. Online, you can find her at the singing competition web site Just Let Me Sing. is pleased to present this guest interview with Krissy-Jo.  The interviewer is abbreviated JLMS (for Just Let Me Sing).

JLMS : How did you get started in music?

Krissy-Jo: It’s been with me all my life. Since I was little I’ve always listened to it. It soothed me and kept me under control. If I was misbehaving we’d put some music on and I would be perfectly fine singing along to it. When I was around 4 years old I got a portable hand held karaoke machine. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. I would sing just for family gatherings and such. Then I just started learning the guitar about a year and a half ago.

JLMS: Are you teaching yourself to play guitar?

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Krissy-Jo: No, I have a guitar instructor, Mark Kamer.  He was in a former band called Corbin & Hanner. They are producers in Pittsburgh, PA.

JLMS: Do you do any performances in school?

Krissy-Jo: I do school plays and am in the chorus.


JLMS: Have your parents or family members been involved with music?

Krissy-Jo: No, not really. My mom and dad weren’t in music. The closest thing was my grandfather on my dad’s side. He had a family band.


JLMS: Have you performed in front of live audiences?

Krissy-Jo: Yes, I currently open up for a band called Saddle Up. They perform in western Pennsylvania. They’ve opened up for Brad Paisley and Sarah Evans in the past. When I open up for them I typically play two sets, which is probably like 10 songs. I’ve been opening up for them for about a year. For some of the songs I play my guitar and for others I have backing tracks.


JLMS: On your Just Let Me Sing profile you list Miranda Lambert and Stevie Nicks as your artistic influences. What do you like about them?

Krissy-Jo: Miranda Lambert is a country girl and I’m a country girl. You don’t find a lot of girls who like to hunt, fish, and camp. But I also like to be pretty too and that is how Miranda is. So we have a lot in common. Stevie Nicks was my first musical inspiration. Her songs tell such an emotional story. I like so many of her songs such as Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, and Edge of Seventeen. For Miranda Lambert I like Gunpowder & Lead and Only Prettier.


JLMS: You played Me and Bobby McGee for your Just Let Me Sing audition. Why did you choose that song?

Krissy-Jo: I don’t know why I am so connected to that song but it is really emotional. I just love playing it. (Sigh) I don’t know why, maybe because I love sixties and classic rock. I’ve grown up with that music.


JLMS: What did you sing when you auditioned with American Idol?

Krissy-Jo: I sang Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks and Stay by Sugarland.


JLMS: Why did they turn you down?

Krissy-Jo: They gave me some good feedback and wanted to listen to two songs. It seemed like they wanted me until I told them my age was 15. But they told me to come back next year.


JLMS: You don’t look 15.

Krissy-Jo: I know. (Laugh) Everyone tells me I look older than 15.


JLMS: What else did you do while you were in Nashville auditioning for American Idol?

Krissy-Jo: After the audition that night, I just went out on the street and put my guitar case in front of me on the street and played. People put money in my guitar case and it was really fun. My mom, sister, and boyfriend were also there with me on the street. So we had fun. I also sang at the Nashville Palace for Songwriter’s Night. So I played a few of my original songs.


JLMS: If you became the winner of Just Let Me Sing, what would that mean to you?

Krissy-Jo: It would really go to my heart. For that many people to like my music and me, that really would mean something.


JLMS: Besides hunting and camping what else do you do for fun?

Krissy-Jo: I like to shop. Of course, I’m a girl. But I haven’t been home very much to do that. I’m always out doing something with me and music. Thank God for my parents. My sisters too. Without their support, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.


JLMS: How else do your parents help with your career?

Krissy-Jo: Outside of Saddle Up, my mom and dad will look around for opportunities. They are starting to get bookings for me.


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  1. Lately I have been exposed to country music quite a lot , which I guess makes me non standard European , but I am glad for that as it gave me a chance to discover talents such as Krissy. The team of JustMeSing did an amazing job with this interview and I am glad that it is published on the site. I really hope that this article will contribute to his carrier and the readers of the site will spread the word about Krissy and her music

    • Thank You soooooooo much for the wonderful comment! I eat, sleep, and breath music and have since i was a young tot. I am currently in the process of recording a few of my original songs to send to a few producers in Nashville that requested a demo when I was their this summer. I will keep pursuing my career in the music industry and hold my head high throughout the good and the bad (as for that is what this industry is all about) i have learned that at a very young age, you cant always be the winner but every performance that i have done has seemed to open a new door in my music career and make me a stronger performer!
      Thanks so much once again for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons via your web page.

  2. Ive known Krissy since we were little and she was always into music even at parties and such and she always liked to sing..and I love her voice she reminds me of Taylor Swift…haha I hope one day she can make it big and still keep her heart of gold…

  3. Krissy is a great performer to bad she didn`t go through….and I have liked the song ” Me and Bobby McGee ” for a long time she has a really great voice for it….I hope she shows up next year I will be looking forward to hearing more of her…..

    • Thank you for support! I am not the least bit unhappy with the unsuccessful of that audition, all that has done is make me a stronger go getter! It indeed was a great experience but unfortunately i would not do that again. I will work at my career the good old fashioned way by just continuing to perform out in local public venues and with the band “Saddle Up” along with focusing on getting my original material recorded and shipped off to good ole Nashville!, I truly believe you must work for what you want and not have it handed to you or you will not appreciate and cherish and accept it as a well earned accomplishment!


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