I stumbled on quite an interesting article about coming of age movies at the web site. The article was written by Dustin Rowles. He had a quite an interesting definition to the coming of age genre that I would like to share with you :

Indeed, the best coming-of-age movies are almost always fish-out-of-water films; the water is our youth, and coming of age is how we acclimate ourselves to it

What follows are 10 trailers of movies that he consider best of the genre.  Only three of his 10 would make in at my own top 10 list – but honestly I admire him for being able to pick some – as selecting a limited numbers of the gems out there is not an easy task at all.

The best thing in this article are definitely the comments that the readers of his article left. I admit that I am a bit jealous at him for being able to attract so many comments – which  is something I am not as successful yet.  The people who read the article noticed as many of you had that most of coming of age movies are about a boy`s experiences – I have addressed this intriguing issue in my article Coming of age films – boy`s or girl`s thing.  A person nicknames Koolickle  left a comment in Dustin`s post outlying female leads that in some great coming of age tales you may be interested in reading. Several more titles are provided by Alabamapink and Inaras and Lucy just few comments below.

You can find the article I meantion in this post and its respective comments at




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