Nachttocht (1982)


Review of the dutch film Nachttocht.A nicely done and very rare film. Starring Abel Claassen

Little Rabbit In A Hole (Haschen in der Grube) (2004)

This German short film provides a feeling of  sensuality and intimacy, while dealing with hard to address interpersonal family issues.

Cuore di mamma (1969)

Cuore di mamma is an Italian period film (1960s) which attempts to show the influence media has on children.

Oscar et la Dame Rose (2009)

This is the story, told in the film, based on the novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Oscar et la Dame Rose (Oscar and the Pink Lady). It's a film filled with sadness and love, beautiful and full of wisdom. It is one you won't forget long after the final credits roll…

Sommerjubel (1986)

The Norwegian short film Sommerjubel is a comedy filled with little jokes and charming scenes – light entertainment at its best.  While much of the film's humor may be lost on adults, it will be caught and enjoyed by younger audiences. 

The Devil in the Skin (2011)

The Devil in the Skin is a French Coming-of-Age drama telling the story of the strong bond between brothers.

Hazel (2012)

Flamboyant, quirky, funny, provoking and original – all of these describe this 2012 short film from Switzerland.

A Childhood (2015)

A Childhood features stunning visuals and wonderful acting by the entire cast resulting in cinematic magic. A must see!
South of the Moon 2008 coming of age movie review

South of the Moon (2008)

South of the Moon has a somewhat complicated plot, essentially tying a Coming-of-Age story with one of big love. Recommended despite a few shortcomings, South of the Moon is an innovative independent film that deserves a chance to be appreciated.

Jack (2014)

Jack offers a grim yet moving portrayal of a childhood lived in unfortunate circumstances. Anyone seeking a poignant Coming-of-Age narrative will not be disappointed.

Puberty (2014)

Written, directed and edited by eleven-year-old Zach Shire, Puberty is a short film about the changes that inevitably occur in a boy.

Barnens O

I did not quite get Barnens O – it is one of the weirdest ones I have watched. The soundtrack was quite unusual as...